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Food Truck Trends

Keeping up with current trends can not only enhance the cuisine and experience of going to your food truck, but it can mean more business and more options for customers. Whether your food truck is serving up juicy burgers or delicious desserts, these trends are sure to be a hit with customers.

Going Local

There’s nothing like fresh and local produce or meat products. Not only do they enhance the taste and freshness of dishes, but they allow food trucks to support their local communities and work together with those communities to produce delicious food.

Growing your own produce for your food truck is another great option to ensure quality fruit and vegetables in all of your dishes. One easy way to grow fruit is to use our selection of durable and colorful mesh bags. Simply place the fruit inside the mesh bag, and once the fruit has gotten heavy enough they can simply fall into the bag, avoiding the wastage or damaging of fresh fruit. For more information on vertical gardening using mesh bags, be sure to check out our blog post on the topic!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Customers enjoy a fresh glass of lemonade or a piping hot tea with their meal, so why not bring some fun and classic beverages to your food truck? Whether it be smoothies, tea, coffee, lemonade, or a cool glass of iced tea, they are guaranteed to be a smash hit with customers.

No beverage would be complete without some stirrers or straws to give them a classic and fun look. For fruity smoothies, be sure to check out CiboWares selection of giant red or colossal neon straws. Featuring fun and colorful designs, they are perfect for use with thicker beverages. Serving up piping hot coffee or tea? We have you covered with our varied selection of bamboo, wood, and plastic stirrers. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and to prevent unfortunate spills, use our colorful beverage plugs, stir stix, or stir N plug stix.

House Made

There’s nothing customers appreciate more than house made products from your food truck. Current trends include house made ice cream and bread, and CiboWares has all the products you need to make your next house made dish a success.

Be sure to check out our selection of bun pan bags to ensure your house made bread stays fresh and ready to serve. Recyclable for maximum convenience, they are easy to use and guaranteed to prevent the contamination of products.

Serving up delicious ice cream? Our paper food cups could come in handy, or check out our all-natural palm leaf  or sugarcane bowls. Featuring adorable and elegant designs, their durability and presentation is sure to impress.

Going Healthy and Natural

Healthy is in, processed is out - especially when it comes to kids meals - but why limit natural ingredients to your food truck’s food? Go eco-friendly with our selection of sugarcane, palm, and bamboo tableware, and impress customers with recyclable sugarcane take-out products. Guaranteed to impress, they are sure to enhance the look of any healthy dish.

Looking for more quality products for your food truck? CiboWares has you covered with our selection of food truck supplies. With everything from aprons to picks and skewers available, we have all the products to suit your food truck’s needs.


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