apples in a red mesh bagview of a path through an apple orchard

Growing Fruit Using Mesh Bags

Today, organic and locally grown food is where customers place the most value. For food establishments, the idea of growing all your ingredients might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, certain inexpensive tools are available that can help you get started with growing certain fruits and vegetables. Mesh bags, for example, are an extremely popular product to vertically grow produce such as melons and squash. Today we’re going to discuss this trend in more detail so you can take that first step toward running a “locally grown” food establishment.

Why Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening yields several advantages of traditional gardening across a plot of land. explains that vertical gardening allows people to grow more in less space, as fruit and veggies can grow on top of each other. The increased air ventilation reduces risk of disease spreading among plants. Limited contact also reduces weed growth. Imagine all the weeding you’d have to do if three or four plants stocked on top of each other were spread across a garden! Weeds aside, vines that come with melons and squash can quickly take over your garden and, therefore, limiting space to grow other food.


When it comes to growing produce, strong and sturdy trellises are a must. Acceptable materials include livestock panels, wooden frames and welded wire. It’s important to remember to tie vines along the trellises - they won’t latch on their own. Of course, there comes a point when melons and other fruit gets too large to be supported by trellises alone. Some fruit will also separate itself from its vine on it’s own once ripe. If left alone, these growing fruits and veggies can fall off the vines. Splat!

Enter in mesh bags. These strong products can support the weight that comes with large fruit and veggies. You just place the fruit inside the mesh bag once it’s big enough and tie the bag to the trellis. Make sure to use large bags to give the produce room to continue growing. If you aren’t around when the fruits and grow too heavy or ripen, they can simply fall right into the bag. Crisis averted! Mesh bags are also great for protecting fruit from birds and other animals that’s like to get their paws on the results of your months of hard work.

We Love Mesh!

Now that you understand the value of mesh bags for gardening, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some and get started. Look no further! Our mesh bags feature a heat-sealed and durable design that prevents ripping or tearing. Our bags have a maximum width of 14 inches and length of 24 inches to support the largest of produce. Available in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste, our mesh bags are a must-have for your garden.

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