Stirrers and Straws

Stir or Sip Your Way to a Great Beverage.

Use plastic stirrers and straws to stir or drink any hot or cold beverages. Coffee sticks and plugs provide a spill-proof solution for hot beverages, and are perfect for use with coffee or tea. CiboWares sticks, stirrers, and straws are available in a variety of fun, colorful, and unique styles.

Straws, stir sticks, beverage plugs, and stir and plug sticks are made from durable, high quality plastic, while stirrers are made from all-natural wood materials.

These products are ideal for use in restaurants, bars, or any location where drinks are served, and are guaranteed to make your beverages look great.

Stirrers and Straws

Mix It Up with CiboWares' Stirrers and Straws!

Our stirrers and straws are not just ordinary and plain; they are fun, functional, and a necessity in any location where beverages are sold.  

For hot drinks such as coffee or tea, customers need stirrers to add things like milk or sugar to their drinks. Our innovative coffee cup plugs are ideal for customers on the go.

Some of our products include:

  • Wood Coffee Stirrers, available in 5.5", 7", and 7.5" 
  • Bamboo Coffee Stirrers, available in 5.5", 7", and 7.5" 
  • 7" Kraft Paper Wrapped Bamboo Stir Sticks
  • 4.75" Stir Stix Plugs, available in black
  • Stir N Plug Stix, available in black, white, and orange
  • Circle Beverage Plugs, available in green, black, orange, red, white, or assorted 
  • 6" Plastic Ball End Stirrers, available in clear and black


Customers drinking cocktails will appreciate a sipping straw to savor their beverages. CiboWares sells a range of straws, ideal for soft drinks or water cups. Our spoon straws are excellent for use in slushies, milkshakes, or other frozen drinks. Customers will love getting the most out of their drinks, and they come in a variety of fun colors, too! 

Some of our products include: 


  • Giant straws and jumbo spoon straws, available in a variety of lengths and colors
  • Colossal straws
  • 5"  and 7.5" sip straws
  • Fireworks straws, and paper fruit straws