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How Sugarcane Products are Made

Stylish, eco-friendly, and durable, sugarcane or bagasse products are rapidly emerging as an excellent eco-friendly option for a wide variety of food service locations. They can handle hot, cold, or oily foods with ease to ensure customer satisfaction, and have a simple, yet elegant design that makes them perfect for use with any delicious dish. But how are these impressive and multifunctional products made? CiboWares has all the information you need to ensure you find the right product to suit your event or establishment.

The Process

Bagasse mulch is a byproduct of sugarcane plant stalks after harvest. The mulch is formed after juice has been removed from the sugarcane, and is a product that would traditionally be thrown out and regarded as waste. This mulch is then heat pressed into the desired shape of the product using a high-heat, high pressure process to make sugarcane products and tableware for any establishment.

Sugarcane Lifecycle 

Eco-Friendly Features


Made from bagasse, these products help reduce the wastage of materials after sugarcane harvest. They are also completely compostable and take approximately 3-6 months to decompose which is comparable to palm and bamboo products. Pulping bagasse is also more efficient and eco-friendly to the planet than creating paper products.

Able to withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees fahrenheit, these products are also cut resistant to provide maximum durability, and are more durable than paper, plastic, or polystyrene products.

Durable and Reliable Products

Our compartment, round, oval, and square plates are ideal for serving up appetizers, snacks, kid’s meals, entrees, or desserts and are available in a variety of sizes to suit any dish. Serving up cereal or fresh soups and salads? Use our selection of sugarcane disposable bowls to give dishes a stylish look and keep them fresh and ready to serve.

Packaging take-out orders? Use hamburger, compartment, and sugarcane disposable clamshells to hold salads, desserts, hamburgers, and sandwiches with ease. Disposable lunch boxes are ideal for take-out lunches or holding large orders of fries or small meals. Durable, they are guaranteed to prevent sauces and juicy dishes from leaking through containers, and ensure a quality customer dining experience.

Comparing Quality Eco-Friendly Products

Sugarcane products are a wonderful option for any establishment, but how do they compare to bamboo and palm tableware?

Bamboo Products:

Bamboo products are made from a part of the bamboo plant known as the sheath. Once the plant has matured, the sheath falls off and is collected. It is then cleaned and boiled using chemical free methods and laminated to create the thickness needed for the desired product. Similar to sugarcane products, the sheath is then heat pressed to create the product. The whole process is completed without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. CiboWares has round and square leaf cocktail plates available so your establishment can serve up roasted vegetables, desserts, samplers, or appetizers with style. For maximum customer and restaurateur convenience, these products are also microwave, oven, and refrigerator safe.

Want to learn more about our selection of sugarcane and eco-friendly products? Be sure to check out our sugarcane, and bamboo products, or our Sugarcane Tableware and Disposable Tableware buying guides.


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