person putting toppings on a pizza while wearing poly glovesperson wearing nitrile gloves and peeling an apple

The Best Disposable Gloves for Every Kitchen Job

One of the most effective ways to keep food-borne illness at bay, and keep cross-contamination to a minimum in a restaurant kitchen is to require staff to wear disposable gloves. Even with regular hand-washing, potential food safety hazards that could sicken customers can easily contaminate bare hands.

There are dozens of different types of gloves on the market to combat any type of need for restaurants, institutions, or home use. But with so many choices, it’s easy to… err, throw up your hands in confusion. We’ve broken down the list of our most popular disposable glove options, and tell you what works best for every job.

Poly Gloves: These latex-free gloves are super economical and perfect for light kitchen duties. Because they’re so economical, choose poly gloves for jobs that require constant glove changing in the kitchen.

Household Gloves: A kitchen staple, both for commercial use and in homes, these classic household gloves are perfect for janitorial needs, dish washing, and food processing. They keep hands dry, and are easy to put on and take off – and they’re some of the most durable disposable gloves on the market.

Latex Gloves: Thicker than typical latex exam gloves, these offer an exceptional balance of comfort and durability, and perfect for jobs that require some sensitivity in finger feel.

Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves: These super-durable disposable gloves are a great choice for gloves to have on hand for general purposes.

Neoprene/Latex Gloves: Need heavy-duty gloves for tough jobs? These Neoprene/Latex gloves are very protective, thick, and offer great protection, while staying flexible and comfortable for extended use.

Vinyl Gloves: Best for use in jobs that require non-sterile gloves, vinyl gloves are disposable, ambidextrous, economical, and easy to put on and take off for single use. 


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