Strawberry dessert in a small glass jar next to some birch wood spoonswarm chickpea salad in a jar with disposable birch cutlery to the side

The Advantages of Using Birch Wooden Cutlery

Everyone wants their customers to feel like they’re getting value for their money, and whether you’re a restaurant owner, food truck operator, caterer, or fast food franchisee, you look for small ways to make a big impact on your guest’s experience. Wooden cutlery, made from sustainable birch wood, is an elegant way to instantly upgrade the look of any event, while still benefiting from the ease of using disposable cutlery.

What is Birch wood

Birch trees have relatively short lives compared to other trees. White birch trees often die before reaching 20 years old. This makes them a great option for creating compostable disposable products. We source our birch wood from sustainably managed forests where re-planting is mandatory. Birch wood is a popular hard wood that's also used to make cabinets, flooring, furniture and plywood.

Benefits of using Birch cutlery

Birch cutlery is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for disposable cutlery in restaurants, catering, food trucks, markets and more. This is because birch cutlery is an eco-friendly compostable option that is durable and offers a unique natural style for events.

Stylish and Unique

Perfect for weddings, large parties, and other catered events, disposable wooden cutlery is a favorite of catering companies everywhere. Elegant enough to use for even the fanciest special occasions, these wooden utensils tell your customers and clients that you have style to spare. With a simple, natural design, these wooden utensils show your clients that you take every aspect of their event into consideration, and that you will do everything you can to make each detail perfect.

Your clients will love the opportunity to show off their unique style with this distinctive option, and you will love saving hours that would be spent washing non-disposable utensils. While these wooden spoons, forks and knives are great for chic catered events, they’re also perfect for everyday restaurant use in cafeterias, fast food joints, and concession stands. Ice cream shops will love using our paper-wrapped wooden spoons for a new way to serve up icy sweets.


These utensils are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic, and are compostable, which makes them a much better choice for consumers that care about the earth. They’re completely organic and smooth, with no coatings, bleach, or dye. Each knife, spoon and fork feels as comfortable to eat off of as any plastic utensil, and as sturdy as metal utensils.

Birch wood is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Since Birch is a highly renewable resource, birch cutlery offers a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to plastics that never fully biodegrade and leave micro-plastics behind to damage eco-systems. Once customers are done with their meal their birch cutlery can be thrown out with the food waste!


Your guests will be able to enjoy both hot and cold foods in comfort and style, and can use these wooden utensils to enjoy everything from soup to salad. Say goodbye to plastic cutlery that snaps or bends under pressure; these utensils won’t warp, disintegrate, or melt even when used with piping hot dishes. Plus, they will never alter the taste of the dish, so you can use them while serving any type of food. With a flat, even surface, you’ll never have to worry about splinters or breakage.

Make the switch to eco-friendly cutlery today!

Not only do wooden utensils work better than plastic utensils (our wooden knives cut much more smoothly than plastic alternatives), but they provide a unique look that fits in with any restaurant’s individual style. From industrial chic take-out restaurants to down-home fast food spots, wooden cutlery is a small touch that is sure to be noticed by all of your guests. Whether you run an elegant catering company, or a casual eatery, you’ll find style and substance in these wooden cutlery alternatives.


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