pla cutlery next to a molded fiber plate with salad on it with a pla portion cup on the side for the salad dressingcompostable molded fiber takeout containers

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Products

Many customers today are looking for ways to go green and use products that are more environmentally-friendly. As a business owner, you want to show your guests that you care about the environment as much as they do.

Show off your green side with eco-friendly products that don’t take a toll on the environment. Bamboo picks, plates, serving boats and tasting cones are made using parts of the bamboo plant.

Not only do bamboo plates and bowls look great, but they are very sturdy, and can hold both hot and cold foods. Able to keep liquids contained, bamboo dishes are a beautiful way to serve entrees, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres at big events and small family gatherings.

Our bamboo serving products do not have any paint, glue, or toxic materials on them – and your customers will appreciate knowing that the dishes they are eating off of are completely organic.

Bamboo dishes are disposable and break down easily in the garbage or in compost piles, making them very friendly to the environment.
Palm leaf dishes are another type of disposable dinnerware that are environmentally-friendly and natural. 

Palm products are created by using the pulp from a palm plant, and look beautiful on any table. The process of making palm products is simple. Palm leaves are taken from palm trees and are gathered, shredded, cleaned, and then pressed together to form various items, like plates, bowls and trays.

These products work just as well as other, less environmentally-friendly disposable products. You can use palm products to serve hot dishes like macaroni & cheese, or cold dishes, like ice cream. They keep liquids contained, and are great to use when serving soup. Palm products are perfect for when you want to add a little elegance to your table, or are going for a natural look for your place settings.

Both bamboo and palm products are sustainable – that means that the plants that make those products grow quickly and easily, which is good for the environment. Using traditional paper products is also a great way to show that you care about the environment. Paper napkins and paper placemats are easily recycled, and your business will save a lot of water by avoiding the extra laundry that can come with using cloth products.

When you use bamboo, palm, or paper serving ware, you are not only using a superior product, but you’re showing your customers, family, and friends that you are doing your part to help keep the environment healthy.


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