wheat based knife and fork at a table settingwheat cutlery on top of red gingham napkin

Everything You Need to Know About Wheat Cutlery

Take your foodservice location in a green direction with CiboWares new wheat cutlery. Forks, knives, soup spoons, and teaspoons are available to suit any location’s needs.

Wheat cutlery is made from 40% wheat and 60% polypropylene materials. Featuring a greener production than traditional cutlery, they are recyclable and gluten-free for maximum convenience.

This material is considered a biobased plant starch and has a smaller carbon footprint compared to more traditional polypropylene and polystyrene plastic cutlery. The polypropylene in the wheat cutlery is designed to provide extra durability and rigidity to ensure that cutlery can stand up to tough meals with ease. It is important to note that wheat cutlery is not biodegradable or compostable due to the inclusion of polypropylene materials, however, they are recyclable. Ideal for use at cafes, catering events, restaurants, or coffee shops, wheat cutlery is a great option for locations that still want a durable yet “green” option.

For more information on our selection of eco-cutlery, have a look at our assortment and be sure to read our “Serving Up Cutlery” blog post.

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