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Uses for Mesh Bags

Colorful and durable CiboWares selection of colorful mesh bags are perfect for use in any kitchen. Featuring a heat sealed design, they are durable enough to withstand heavy loads and prevent ripping or tearing. Perfect for everything from scrubbing pans to boiling shellfish, these bags have a wide variety of uses.

Boiling Seafood or Produce

To ensure easy preparation of seafood and produce these durable bags can withstand high temperatures. To use, simply fill up the bag with anything from clams to potatoes, and insert it into the pot to boil.

Marinating Meats

Easy to handle, these bags are ideal for marinating various meat products. Their open design allows for the easy soaking and draining of marinade. Due to their durability and easy handling, mesh bags can prevent inconvenient rips or tears and ensures easy transport.

Carrying and Displaying Produce

Designed to keep produce fresh and ready for transport, these bags are perfect for carrying or displaying produce. Their top allows for quick and easy tying to ensure the easy carrying or transporting of fruit or vegetables such as apples and celery in markets. Their colorful and open design allows for the eye catching presentation of produce, the option of color-coding your products, while also making it quick and easy to identify contents.

Growing Fruit

To grow a nice, locally grown garden for your foodservice establishment, simply place fruit inside the mesh bags when it has grown enough and then tie the bag to the garden trellis. Once the fruit has grown big enough, it will simply fall into the bag and prevent the wastage of fresh fruit or damage to produce. For more information on how to grow fruit using mesh bags for your restaurant, be sure to check out our blog post, “Growing Fruit Using Mesh Bags.” Looking for some fun and unique ways to reuse mesh bags and cut down on waste? CiboWares has you covered with these simple ideas.


The open design of these bags makes them the perfect fit for use as a simple birdfeeder to enhance the look of any location. Simply use birdseed blocks or bells (regular birdseed may fall out due to the bag’s open design), tie the top of the bag and find a place to hang this new colorful creation.

Scrubbers and Soap Bags

Don’t have one of CiboWares’ selection of scrubbing and scouring pads or sponges handy? Simply tie a mesh bag into a ball and secure with a tie or elastic and use it as a scrubber on non-stick pans such as non-stick fry pans. Durable, they are sure to scrub off tough food residue with ease.

To keep your soap dry or to turn it into a scrubbing soap, simply place a bar of soap in the bag and hang it near your sink, shower or garden, and it is ready for use.

To find out more about our quality selection of products, be sure to read our “Disposable Bags Buying Guide.”

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