artist wearing black nitrile gloves and tattooing an armartist wearing black nitrile gloves and tattooing an arm

Best Gloves For Tattoo Artists

When working in a tattoo parlor, safety is an extremely important priority for you and your clients. Cibowares’ selection of durable, exam-grade gloves ensures users receive a comfortable and sanitary fit. Our latex Ninja gloves and nitrile Black Widow gloves are durable and high-quality. Their black color helps to reduce the visibility of blood, ink, or other substances, maintaining a professional look. Add function and comfort to your glove supply with our quality latex and nitrile gloves.

Black Latex Ninja Gloves
These medical-grade latex gloves are ideal for use in tattoo parlors and can also be used during medical procedures. Featuring a textured design, they help to provide a secure, steady grip that is suitable for handling tools and creating intricate tattoo designs. For your convenience, they are also ambidextrous and are packed in boxes suitable for use in glove dispensers.

The gloves have a low protein and allergen design and are powder-free. They are suitable for sensitive skin, but should not be used by tattoo artists with latex allergies. Black Widow Nitrile Gloves
Medical-grade Black Widow Gloves are made from nitrile. They are free from latex and are suitable for use by those with latex allergies and sensitivities. They are powder-free, and are also ambidextrous. They feature a textured design for easy and reliable gripping, and they’re ideal for use in tattoo parlors, medical facilities and nursing facilities.

Impress clients and create a sanitary, professional work environment with Cibowares’ selection of durable, quality gloves.

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