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Disposable Bags Buying Guide

Bagging it Up

Bags, bags, bags, and more bags. We all use them, especially restaurants or food service locations. Not only do restaurants need bags to preserve food, but they also need them for take out orders, purchases if the restaurant sells bread or sweets, and cooking. CiboWares sells a wide variety of disposable bags and each one has qualities that suit unique needs. To help you decide which bag works best for what use, we’ve compiled a list of all our disposable bags to make your hunt for the perfect bag a snap.

Things to Consider

  • Gauge refers to the thickness of plastic or plastic bags. The higher the gauge mil or micron the thicker the bag. Bags with a higher gauge are ideal for holding objects that are sharp or heavy.
    1 mil = 0.001”
    25.4 microns = 1 mil.

  • FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, while USDA refers to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Plastic Food Storage Bags

Completely safe for use, all of these bags meet the FDA and USDA food handling guidelines.

Deli Saddle Bags: These bags are perfect for protecting herbs, nuts, candies, cheese, and meat from contamination. They can keep food fresh for long periods of time and can store and deliver groceries as well. Featuring high tensile strength, they enable fast loading and are ideal for use in take outs, grocery stores, or convenience stores.
Density: High and Low
Type of closure: Flip-top
Size Range: 8.5” x 8.5” and 10” x 8.5”
Material: Polypropylene
Note: Available printed, non printed, and with zip seal

Saddle Bags: These recyclable bags share many of the same characteristics as deli saddle bags.
Density: High
Type of closure: Flip-top
Size Range: 5.5” x 5.5” - 6.5” x 7”
Material: Polypropylene

High Density Food Storage Bags: Able to meet a wide variety of food storage needs these bags are ideal for storing vegetables, meat, and raw or cooked foods. They are semi-transparent and are perfect for storing, serving, or delivering foods. They have high tensile strength, are lightweight, and are generally used in take outs, or grocery and convenience stores.
Density: High
Type of closure: Twist tie
Size Range: 6.5” x 9” - 18” x 24”
Material: Polyethylene

Low Density Food Storage Bags: Recyclable and able to hold various food items such as: raw and cooked foods, processed foods, vegetables, and meat. These bags are made from clear plastic and are ideal for storing products in a freezer. Due to the low melting point of low density polyethylene they are frequently used with heat sealing.
Density: Low
Type of closure: Twist tie
Size Range: 4” x 2” x 8” - 18” x 24”
Material: Polyethylene

Flip Top Sandwich Bags: Designed to keep sandwiches and burgers fresh these eco-friendly storage bags feature flip-top closure that keeps food fresh and facilitates fast and easy sealing. They are ideal for the storing and packaging of pre-portioned foods.
Density: High and low
Type of closure: Flip-top
Size Range: 7” x 7”
Material: Polyethylene

Silverware Bags: Perfect for keeping your flatware clean and hygienic these bags are highly durable and well suited for use in hospitals, restaurants, or other institutions. They feature an easy to use design and allow for flat, packed dispensing. Sold in a size that fits most silverware they are used to prevent contamination and the spread of infections via utensils.
Density: High
Type of closure: Flip-top
Size Range: 3.5” x 10”
Material: Polyethylene

Mesh Bags

Mesh Bags: Ideal for boiling or preparing seafood such as: shellfish, mussels, and clams they are also referred to as seafood bags. They can be used to soak meats in marinade and are perfect for the carrying, storing, or selling of fruits and vegetables. They are heat sealed and extremely durable to prevent ripping or tearing. Able to reduce handling and minimize waste these bags have an open mesh design that offers 100% breathability.
Colors: Black, clear, blue, green, light blue, orange, purple, red, teal, and yellow.
Size Range: 24”

Width: 8" flat, stretches up to 14"
Material: Plastic

Take Out Bags

Extremely durable and able to withstand heavy loads, these bags are guaranteed to prevent ripping or tearing. Completely recyclable and lightweight they are ideal for holding take out food, groceries, vegetables, or other convenience store items.

Plain White Bags:
Barrel Capacity: 1/6 and 1/10
Gauge: 13 microns
Size Range: 8” x 5” x 15” and 11.5" x 6.5" x 22"
Material: Polyethylene

Plain Black Bags:
Barrel Capacity: 1/6
Gauge: 12 microns
Size Range: 11.5” x 6.5” x 21.5”
Material: Polyethylene

Thank You/Gracias Bags:
Density: High.
Barrel Capacity: 1/6 and 1/8
Gauge: 11, 12, 14, 15, and 20 microns
Size Range: 10” x 5” x 18” - 13” x 8” x 23”
Material: Polyethylene
Note: Available printed with “Thank You” and “Gracias” in red

Wave Top To Go Bag: Able to accommodate 4-nine inch foam hinged containers these bags feature strong carrying handles to prevent any ripping or tearing. They are designed to sit open on a counter to allow quick and easy packaging. The large bottom gusset allows containers to sit flat for stability during transport, and provides plenty of space for the food containers to stay upright.
Density: Low
Gauge: 30 microns
Size Range: 19” x 19” x 9.5”
Material: Polyethylene
Note: Features “Order in Take Out To Go” printed on the bag

Twisted Handle Kraft Bags:Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate orders of any size. These bags feature strong and durable recycled kraft paper to prevent any ripping or tearing. The flat bottoms make packaging and transporting takeout orders a breeze. The comfortable twisted handles also make these a great option as a merchandise bag for any business.
Thickness:110 gsm
Size Range:14” x 10” x 15.75”, 13” x 7” x 17”, 12” x 9” x 15.75” and 13” x 7” x 17”
Material: Recycled Kraft Paper

Resealable Zipper Bags

Featuring a write-on block on the package for date of packaging and content information these bags meet the FDA requirements for food applications and are completely recyclable. Their double zipped closure blocks out air and seals in the freshness and facilitates fast and easy sealing so your food stays fresh.

Double Zipper Gallon/Two Gallon Bags: Perfect for the storing, packaging, and portioning of larger food items such as vegetables.
Density: Low
Type of closure: Zipper
Size Range: 10.5” x 11” - 13” x 5” x 4”
Material: Polyethylene

Double Zipper Quart Bags: Ideal for the storing and packaging of pre-portioned food items such as fruit.
Density: Low
Type of closure: Zipper
Size Range: 7” x 8”
Material: Polyethylene

Double Zipper Sandwich Bags: Designed to keep sandwiches fresh and crispy, they are perfect for storing and packaging pre-portioned foods.
Density: Low
Type of closure: Zipper
Size Range: 6.5” x 6”
Material: Polyethylene

High or Low Density?

What’s the difference? Does one perform certain tasks better than the other?

High Density Polyethylene: Lightweight and resistant to water and vapor, high density bags are mostly transparent and are perfect for serving or storing food. The ideal material for plastic bags, they are able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, are generally used by take outs or convenience stores, and have a high tensile strength.

Low Density Polyethylene: Featuring a breathable design low density bags are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables. However, items stored in these bags will need to be refrigerated or frozen in order to stay fresh for extended periods of time. Not quite as durable as their high density counterpart, these bags are made from clear plastic so you can quickly identify items and their low melting point makes them perfect for use with heat sealing.

Other Materials

Polypropylene: Perfect for storing herbs, nuts, candies, etc. bags made from polypropylene are not breathable and provide food items with a longer shelf life. They are clear, making product identification a snap, and have a high melting point which makes them ideal for heat sealing.


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