olives, baby tomatoes and cheese on a bamboo knot pickbamboo

Bamboo Picks, The Perfect Tool For Every Food Service Business

Want to know a secret? There’s an easy way to add a little elegance to anything that comes out of your kitchen, and it’s all in the tools you use.

Bamboo picks are the perfect addition to your restaurant, bar, food truck or cafeteria and will add a stylish touch to your favorite dishes.

Keep a few boxes behind the bar to add an elegant garnish to any cocktail or drink. Sports bars, listen up: There’s nothing that any fan loves more than cheering on their favorite team, especially if they can cheer on their team in style. Stock up on bamboo ball picks, available in red, blue, green, yellow, or white and use your hometown team’s colors to garnish drinks on big game days.

You’ll find countless uses in your restaurant kitchen for  knotted bamboo picks. From holding together messy burgers and massive fried chicken sandwiches, to serving bite-sized appetizers or samples, these bamboo picks will be the hardest-working utensil in your kitchen. Available in multiple sizes (up to seven inches),  traditional bamboo paddle picks can also be used as a fun, new way to serve traditional favorites like fresh-from-the-grill kabobs.

Turn any catered event into an elegant affair with ultra-fancy  circle bamboo picks. Perfect for serving appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, these picks make it easy for chefs and servers to spear any small bite, and allow guests to take them from the tray without messy spills or drops.

Sandwich stands, food trucks and cafeterias can save a lot of money by serving small bites, like mini meatballs or fried pickles, using bamboo picks instead of using plastic utensils. Over-sized sandwiches are no match for traditional  knotted bamboo skewers they keep every ingredient inside the sandwich well into the first bite.

At a steakhouse, use our  steak marker picks to seamlessly allow servers to keep track of the temperature of each steak. For an easy, elegant appetizer, pair our stylish paddle picks with chunks of different cheeses and fruit bites for an easy-to-create (and completely delicious) cheese and fruit plate.

BBQ restaurants can keep track of sandwiches and platters with different sauces using color-coded ball picks, and  red bamboo knot picks. They are guaranteed to keep pulled pork and steak sandwiches together, while adding a colorful flair to the dish.

Find the right bamboo pick for your needs, and keep them on hand for daily use.