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Serving Up Cutlery

When it comes to creating a fun and memorable event, presentation is everything. While different food establishments have different protocols, uniqueness is key to separating yourself from the competition. From eco-friendly utensils to patterned placemats, CiboWares provides a variety of cutlery and complementing products so you can get creative with event presentations. That’s why today we’re going to discuss different ways you can serve up cutlery at your food establishment.

Place Settings
It’s hard to underestimate how an attractive place setting can influence guests’ perception of your event. Whether you’re serving an elegant dinner over fine china or hosting a fun corporate blowout, placemats are a great way to reinforce the atmosphere you’re looking to create. Our placemats are available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns to best go along with the tableware and cutlery used at your event.

Napkins and Bands
There’s nothing wrong with sticking to cutlery and napkins if you’re looking to streamline your table settings. Simply wrap your cutlery in solid color napkins and corresponding bands. You can also include a lace or paper doily to add a touch of elegance. Our 2 ply beverage and dinner napkins - available in a variety of colors - are more durable and offer better absorption than competing products.

Eco-Friendly Cutlery
Providing guests a unique experience can also involve switching out your cutlery for those made from non-traditional materials. Made from premium-quality birch wood, our heavyweight wooden utensils are eco-friendly and compostable. Featuring a splinter-free and durable design, these utensils are resistant to cracking and snapping when in use. Their sleek, simple design makes them ideal for catered events and coffee shops alike.

Our other eco-friendly products include those made from bamboo. Serve up assorted trays and samplers with our stylish bamboo heart forks. Bamboo tongs add a simple yet dignified look to buffet stations and salads bowls. For Asian cuisine, our individually-wrapped bamboo chopsticks make for a durable and convenient choice.

Traditional Options
If you prefer to stick with traditional materials, our heavyweight cutlery is made from durable polypropylene plastic to prevent breaking. Serve out frozen desserts with our paper wrapped wooden spoons that feature a simple, easy-to-use shape. For appetizers and other bite-size foods, there’s nothing like our two prong wood forks. These products are disposable, reducing the amount of cleanup required for you and your employees.

Adding Some Fun
Switching out cutlery is also a good idea if you’re hosting holiday events or other themed parties. Our 3 prong red devil plastic forks, for example, are ideal for Halloween get-togethers. Made from food grade plastic, these forks make for a perfect addition to any course.

From varying presentation to switching out the products themselves, there are many ways to get creative when serving up cutlery and utensils. Naturally, we don’t stop there - our complete line of high-quality food establishment products remain unmatched from other suppliers. Explore our buying guides to learn how we can help you establishment stand out from the rest!


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