4 white coffee cups with red beverage plugs in the lidscocoa beans with coffee cup lid plugs standing in them

Eliminate Spilled Coffee Hazards With These Easy Tools

Spilled coffee can be a nightmare . . . especially if that hot coffee has spilled on someone.

For restaurant, deli, and coffee shop owners, the idea that their product might permanently scar or hurt someone is one of those thoughts that keeps them up at night. But there’s an easy, elegant, and inexpensive solution – and it comes in a pretty stylish form.

Stir N Plug Stix are a simple plastic tool that does a really big job. To use, servers and baristas simply slip the plastic rod into the opening of the lid at the spout, and plug the hole with a quick snap. Not only does it eliminate messy spills, but it also keeps coffee, cocoa, and tea hot until the customer is ready for their first sip. Or, servers and baristas could use Circle Beverage Plugs, a simple plug, minus the stirrer, that fits firmly in the sipping hole of disposable coffee lids.

Most hot coffee is served at about 175° F. For comparison, the threat of being scalded by hot water begins when water reaches 100° F. That means that even little spills can have dire consequences, and big spills can mean truly catastrophic results in the form of severe burns.

While the legal ramifications of spilled coffee are nowhere near clear (dozens of lawsuits against restaurants, delis, fast food locations and coffee shops have been filed, to mixed results), every responsible business owner wants to eliminate as much risk as possible, and keep their customers safe, happy and coming back again and again.

Plus, there’s nothing worse than a messy disposable cup, with coffee bubbling up through the spout and dripping down the sides. Perfect for use with carrying trays and in coffee shops and restaurant drive-thrus, Stir N Plug Stix keep drips and drops in their place – in the cup. The plug creates a barrier that doesn’t allow little spills to go through the lid, keeping the surface clean and mess-free.

Available in a wide variety of colors, like white, orange, green, red, and black to help any business stay on brand, the Stir N Plug Stix are a multipurpose tool that can also be used as a stirrer, helping anyone to create their own perfect cup of coffee or tea.

They’re wildly popular in offices, making the walk from the break room to a desk spill-free and pain-free, and keeping hot drinks hot the entire time.


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