4 white hot cups with covers and red plugs for the lidtwo hot cups with cup sleeves next to coffee beans

Your Hot Cup Options

Hot cups are an absolute must-have for any foodservice location serving up hot beverages such as coffee, tea, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, and more! CiboWares has a variety of hot cup options available so you can find just the right product to suit your needs.

Hot cup lids are available in a variety of styles so customers can easily sip drinks on the go without worrying about burning hands or unfortunate leaks or spills.

Compostable Cups

Our eco hot cups are made from SFI certified paperboard and are lined with PLA - a corn-based plastic. They are a great eco-friendly option and are also BPI certified compostable for maximum convenience. Microwave and freezer safe, the paperboard used to make these quality cups is sourced from sustainably managed forests. CPLA and fiber lids are available to prevent leaks and spills while transporting beverages.

Hot Beverage Necessities

Don’t forget cup sleeves! CiboWares’ selection of cup sleeves are designed to protect users hands from hot cups. Made from corrugated kraft paper, these sleeves are designed to fit standard 12-24 oz. paper hot beverage cups and contain 80% post consumer recycled fiber. Save time and money double cupping beverages by using stylish and convenient cup sleeves instead! Boxes printed on the back of the sleeve allow servers to note the contents of the cup. Servers can check Black, Decaf, Capp, Latte, Cream, Sugar, Soy, and Other boxes to ensure they get customers orders right, and note the customers name to ensure they receive the correct order.

Use circle beverage plugs in cup lids to keep beverages hot up to 40% longer. Stir N plug stix and stir stix plugs allow users to stir beverages, snap stirrers, and insert plugs into beverages to ensure users can easily mix in cream and sugar while keeping drinks piping hot and ready to serve.

To learn more about our selection of quality products, be sure to read our Tips and Tricks for Beverage Take-Out blog post.

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