Disposable Cups and lids

Serve Up Everything From Juice and Coffee, to Bar Beverages!

Made from disposable materials, CiboWares selection of hot and cold cups, lids and barware are ideal for any restaurant, bar or food service business.

Being disposable gives the added advantage of easy use, without the pain of washing dishes!

Disposable Cups and Lids

The Perfect Way to Display Beverages and Condiments


CiboWares has all the disposable cups and lids needed to enhance the look of any meal. From disposable champagne glasses to portion cups for condiments and sauces, we have everything you need to serve up delicious dishes with ease.


Disposable Barware: 

Disposable tumblers are a great way to serve up water, iced tea, juice, or cocktails and have a stylish fluted bottom. Use our selection of old-fashioned and 1 piece disposable champagne glasses to serve champagne at banquets and other events. Institutional disposable wine glasses have the high-gloss look of glass and are a quality option for any establishment looking to add some style to their selection of wines and other beverages. Serving up unique shots or beverages? Use bomb cups to pour liquor such as whiskey or vodka in the inner cup and mixers or other beverages in the outer cup to serve creative shot glasses and more! 


Disposable Lids: 

CiboWares has a wide variety of lids available to prevent unfortunate leaks and spills. Use hot cup, cold cup, recloseable, tear back, lids with straw slots, and tumbler lids to make transporting food items and beverages a breeze. 


Hot and Cold Cups: 

Use paper hot cups to serve up coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other piping hot beverages with ease. Hot cups are polylined and insulated hot cups go through a paper patented process for insulation to keep beverages hot and protect customers hands from hot cups. Cold cups are ideal for use with water, iced tea, juice, and lemonade and are made from double-sided polycoated paper. Add some fun to kids meals with themed thermo and collectible cups. They are made from durable plastic and come with convenient lids and straws to allow young diners to sip beverages with ease and prevent leaks and spills. Translucent and PET cups are also available to serve water, juice, soda, and other chilly beverages. 


Portion Cups: 

Portion cups are the perfect way to serve condiments, dressings on the side, or dips for food items. Translucent portion cups allow for the easy identification of contents, and black portion cups are sure to bring some elegance to any meal. Use liddles to snap off portion cups and use our selection of quality lids to package sauces and dips for takeout orders and prevent unfortunate leaks or spills.  














  • Tumblers
  • Squat Tumblers
  • Old Fashioned Champagne Glasses
  • 1 Piece Square Champagne Glasses
  • Bomb Cups
  • Shot Glasses
  • Institutional Wine Glasses



  • Paper Hot Cup Lids
  • Smart Top Reclosable Lids
  • Tear Back Paper Hot Cup Lids
  • Skirt Selector Translucent Paper Cold Cup Lids
  • PET Lids with Straw Slots
  • Tumbler Lids
  • Lids for Colorware, Laguna, and Newport Tumblers



  • Paper Hot Cups
  • Insulated Paper Hot Cups
  • PET Clear Cups
  • Thermo Cups with Straws and Lids
  • Translucent Cups









  • Translucent Portion Cups
  • PET Clear Portion Cup Lids
  • Plastic Matte Souffle Cups
  • Poly Black Portion Cups
  • Souffle Cups
  • Squat Portion Cups
  • Liddles Plastic Translucent 6-Pack Portion Cups and Lids