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Tips and Tricks for Beverage Take-Out

Make sure your business is providing the most convenient experience by having take-out beverage options available - for all those customers on the go. Not having the proper supplies can cause leaks, spills, or even ruin the great flavor of a latte or soda! Don’t settle for subpar service, use CiboWares’ selection of beverage take-out supplies to serve any to go beverage order with ease.

Hot or Cold

Serve up lattes, espressos, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cold drinks like juice and soda with ease with our selection of hot and cold cups. Available in a variety of styles, they are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages and come in designs such as Coffee Dreams and Java to enhance the look of any beverage order. Worried about keeping hot beverages piping hot? Use insulated paper hot cups to keep beverages toasty for your customers’ convenience.

Disposable lids are also available to fit firmly onto our hot and cold cups and prevent unfortunate leaks and spills. Hot cup lids have a convenient sipping slot to allow for the easy sipping of hot beverages while on the go, and are designed to help preserve heat to keep hot coffees and teas just the right temperature. For cold drinks such as juice or soda, use cold cup lids! They have a straw slot at the top for easy sipping and stylish presentation.

Stir It Up

Allow customers to stir cream, milk, or sugar into their coffee or tea with our selection of coffee stir sticks. Individually wrapped options are also available, making them the perfect stylish and sanitary choice for beverage take-out orders.

For the ultimate multi-functional product, use stir N plug stix. They can be used as both a stirrer and beverage plug to stir beverages and plug lids. They also help retain beverage heat and prevent leaks or spills. To use, simply snap the stirrer end off after stirring and insert the plug end into your beverage lid! Beverage plugs and stir stix plugs are also available to help retain beverage heat up to 40% longer, and make stirring beverages a snap! Able to fit most standard sized beverage cups and lids, these products are an absolute must-have for any location offering hot beverages.

Sip With Ease

From jumbo spoon straws to sip straws, CiboWares has all the straws needed to serve up a variety of beverages. Use jumbo spoon straws with thicker beverages such as milkshakes, and sip straws with standard hot or cold drinks. Individually wrapped straws are available to serve up soft drinks, juice, lemonade, iced tea, slushies, milkshakes, or smoothies with style and prevent contamination before use.

Protect Against Hot Beverages

Protect customers hands from piping hot beverage cups with cup sleeves. To use, simply slide them over disposable cups to provide customers with a comfortable grip while holding hot beverages. Designed to fit most standard cups, they are environmentally friendly and made from 80% post consumer recycled fiber, making them the perfect choice for eco-conscious establishments. “Enjoy” and plain styles are available and each style features a space at the back to denote the contents of the cup. Options include: black, decaf, cappuccino, latte, cream, sugar, soy, other, and a space for the customer's name. This allows servers to easily identify the contents of the cup to ensure customers receive the correct order. Stylish, convenient, and easy to use, they are sure to be a hit with customers.

Ensure Easy Transport

Ensuring individual beverage orders are safe and easy to carry is a must, but what about serving up larger beverage orders? Use 4 drink carryout trays to allow customers to carry four beverages at a time to ensure safe and easy transport. These trays store flat to help save valuable storage space, and can accommodate all beverage sizes for maximum convenience.

Make sure customers can enjoy a beverage on the go with CiboWares selection of premium quality products. Still curious? Be sure to check out our stirrer and straw buying guides.



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