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Serving Up Thanksgiving

Serve up turkey, stuffing, and delicious slices of pie this Thanksgiving with CiboWares! We have all the products needed to help your establishment prepare for Thanksgiving specials and feasts that are guaranteed to draw in customers. Don’t settle for just serving up pumpkin pie, use our selection of products to come up with new and exciting twists on classic dishes, and add some fall colors to your establishment to celebrate the season!

Themed Colors

Adding some fall colors and decor is the perfect way to create a great fall feel and theme in your establishment.

Set your table with reds, rusty golds, browns and forest greens to give your customers a warm and cozy Thanksgiving experience. Of course, your delicious meal will need to be paired with dinner napkins. Get ready in advance and wrap them around cutlery sets, then secure them with napkin bands to match your color theme. Have some fun, and mix and match with fall color options. If you’ll be serving apple ciders or other fall themed beverages, have red, orange, chocolate brown or kraft beverage napkins on hand to protect against spills.

Placemats will also protect your tabletops against spills, stains, and sauces. Use white, red, or gold placemats to protect tabletops and counters, and add a festive Thanksgiving feel to table settings.

The Main Course

Whether you choose to roast, glaze, baste, or deep fry your turkey, CiboWares can help serve up your main dish.

Cook turkeys with ease with our selection of high heat oven bags. Perfect for cooking turkey dishes, they lock in the moisture and allow the meat to baste to give it a delicious flavor and ensure quality cooking. They are also oven, microwave, slow cooker, steamer, and freezer to oven safe for maximum convenience. They are the ideal option for establishments looking to save time in the kitchen while also maintaining the dish’s desired flavor and quality.

Add a touch of old fashioned class to turkeys with chop holders. They are designed to be placed on drumsticks to cover up the end of the bone, and are available in a variety of colors to suit any establishment. Gold color chop holders may be preferable for Thanksgiving as they promote a more elegant and festive feel. White is always a classic option, or have some fun with the assorted color chop holders.

Savory Sauces

From sage and brown butter turkeys to apple cranberry glazed and stuffed turkeys, no main Thanksgiving course would be complete without delicious sauces to enhance the flavors and presentation of main dishes.

Cranberry sauce is another sweet staple of Thanksgiving meals. Serve up cranberry-orange or jalapeno cranberry sauces in dipping bowls. White in color, they allow colorful sauces to stand out to create a beautiful presentation. Add some new and fun flavors to your establishment’s Thanksgiving specials by giving cranberry sauces some added sweetness or heat this Thanksgiving.

Tasty Sides

From creamy mashed potatoes to fresh stuffing and bread, make serving up delicious side dishes a breeze with our selection of quality products.

No turkey main dish would be complete without a side of stuffing! Serve up apple and sausage, beer cheese, soft pretzel, roasted garlic and kale, or vegetable and herb stuffing with our selection of serving spoons. Ideal for scooping servings of stuffing with ease, serving spoons are easy to handle and guaranteed to stand up to heavy use. Steam table pans are a great option for holding stuffing prior to serving, and are also ideal for use at buffets or catering events to keep stuffing piping hot and ready to serve.

Serve up dinner rolls, cheese biscuits, cornmeal rolls, or pumpkin bread with CiboWares selection of products. Bread knives are available to slice up thick loaves before serving to ensure quality cutting and slicing. Use disposable knives to spread butter or jams on delicious bread and rolls to add some extra sweetness or saltiness to delicious bread selections.

Dreamy Desserts

Finish off a great Thanksgiving dinner with creamy, crunchy, and yummy desserts that are guaranteed to satisfy customer’s fall flavored sweet tooth!

Apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies are the most popular dessert choice of the season. Disposable forks and spoons are available to dig into pie with ease. Storing, slicing, or transporting pies? Use foil pie pans to display them with ease, and use pie servers to serve up delicious looking slices of pie without damaging or dropping slices.

Apple pie cheesecake, pumpkin cream pies, and chocolate pies are some other delicious dessert ideas to add some new flavors to traditional desserts.

Bake up pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake brownies, snickerdoodle blondies, or caramel apple cake bars, squares, and cookies with our selection of sheet pans. Guaranteed to provide quality baking, they are available in a variety of sizes to suit any baking need. From brownies and nutmeg to butterscotch and snickerdoodle, there are so many ways to add some fun and excitement to dreamy Thanksgiving desserts.

Don’t settle for less than stellar Thanksgiving specials, use CiboWares' selection of quality products to make your Thanksgiving specials and theme a success!


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