mug of coffee with a bamboo stirrer in itspilled coffee beans with a variety of stirrers on top and paper cups behind

Stirrer Buying Guide

Stir Your Way to a Delicious Beverage

Enhance the look of any hot or cold beverage with CiboWares stirrers or stir sticks. These products are a must-have for coffee shops, cafes, diners, restaurants, and other locations serving up delicious beverages. Ideal for use in take-out locations, some of these products come individually wrapped, making them a convenient and hygienic choice. Don’t let your establishment be caught unprepared! Stock up on stirrers, stir sticks, and coffee plugs to ensure that customers can fully enjoy their brews or juice.



Stir Stix Plugs: Perfect for use in break rooms, coffee shops, or restaurants these stir stix are ideal for keeping your hot beverages hot while preventing messy spills. Designed to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills, they can fit easily into standard sized cup lids for coffee or hot beverages on the go. Stylish, they are guaranteed to make your cup of brew taste fantastic.

Sizes: 4.75”
Colors: Black, blue, red
Material: Plastic
Cup: Fits into 8, 12, and 16 oz. cups
Uses: Coffee beverages, hot chocolate, tea

Stir N Plug Stix: Featuring many of the same characteristics as stir stix plugs, stir N plug sticks can be snapped for maximum convenience. To use, simply snap the stirrer, and insert the plug into the sipping hole of your disposable lid to retain the heat of your drink.
Size: 7.5”
Bottom of Plug: 6.5”
Colors: Black, orange, white
Material: Plastic
Cup: Fits into standard sized small, medium, large, and extra large cups and disposable lids
Uses: Coffee beverages, hot chocolate, tea

Circle Beverage Plugs: Ideal for preventing the spillage of hot/cold beverages these beverage plugs are designed to fit firmly in the lid of a disposable cup. Able to keep hot beverages hot for up to 40% longer than other plugs, they can fit into most disposable lids.
Length: 2”
Colors: Black, green, orange, red, white
Material: Plastic
Cup: Fits into standard sized small, medium, large, and extra large disposable lids.
Uses: Coffee beverages, hot chocolate, tea

Plastic Ball End Stirrers: Stir milk, cream, or sugar into coffee or tea with these durable stirrers. Able to stand up to high temperatures, they can be used with both hot and cold beverages.
Size: 6”
Colors: Black and clear
Material: Food grade plastic
Uses: Stirring powdered juice into water, coffee, tea


Wood Coffee Stirrers: Featuring a smooth and flat design for safe handling by the user, these stirrers can withstand heat, and are splinter-free. Durable and easy to use, they are perfect for use with hot liquids.
Sizes: 5.5”, 7”, 7.5”
Width: 3/16”, 0.25”
Thickness: 1/16”
Material: Birch wood
Uses: Coffee, tea, soups, takeout orders
Wrapped: Individually wrapped styles are available


Bamboo Coffee Stirrers: Offering resistance to expansion and contraction that occurs with hot or cold beverages, these stirrers can withstand heat and are durable and splinter-free. These eco-friendly bamboo stirrers are perfect for use with a wide variety of delicious drinks.
Sizes: 5.5”, 7”
Width: 3/16”
Thickness: 1/16”
Material: Bamboo
Uses: Coffee, tea, juice
Wrapped: Available with kraft paper wrap with the inscription: “Earth Day Every Day”