kraft food containers with salads in thempaper food containers made from renewable resources with fresh soup inside

What are Renewable Resources?

If your restaurant or catering service is looking to reduce its impact on the environment, consider using products made from renewable resources. These materials come from the environment and are naturally replaced over time, making them a perfect eco-friendly choice. CiboWares offers a wide variety of plant-based plates, cutlery, and other supplies that are sure to impress.


This material is used in our molded sugarcane tableware. During the refining process, juices are extracted from sugarcane stalks. The fibrous, pulpy material left over is known as bagasse and can be used to produce sugarcane plates, bowls, and takeout containers. Sugarcane can then be regrown, making bagasse an ideal renewable resource for use in quality disposable products.

Polylactic Acid

Polylactic acid (PLA) is made from corn starch, a renewable resource. A great alternative to plastic, this material can be used to make non-toxic eco-friendly products.

Plant Starch Material

Plant starch material resin is a renewable resource produced from corn and potato starch. It is used to make PSM or plant starch cutlery. Products made from PSM are not compostable or biodegradable.

By choosing our quality eco-friendly products, you can reduce stress on the environment and show your customers that you care. Want to learn more about keeping your business environmentally conscious? Read our “Is Your Restaurant Environmentally Friendly?” blog post.

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