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Supplies Every Sandwich Shop Needs

Sandwiches have remained a classic and delicious meal option for a variety of customers. From wraps and paninis to classic BLT’s, CiboWares has all the products needed to meet any sandwich shop’s food safety, food prep, storage, and dining room needs.

Serve Up Dishes with Style

From caesar wraps to spicy italian paninis, presentation is key when it comes to sandwiches. Use our selection of sugarcane, fibre, palm, or bamboo eco-friendly tableware to serve up sandwiches and sides with style. While disposable, they are perfect for “green” establishments and help to reduce time spent cleaning after service.

Disposable cutlery is a must-have for locations serving up soup or salad sides, and paper food trays are ideal for serving up side dishes like fries and onion rings. Serving boats are another great option for side dishes, and they’re eco-friendly, making them perfect for pairing with eco-friendly tableware for a unique presentation. Both serving boats and food trays can also be used for carryout orders.

Use colorful napkins to add a pop of color to your customers’ meals. Whether they’re classic bamboo picks or fun novelty picks, food picks are another wonderful option to hold sandwiches together, and they’ll add some extra style and flair to your presentation.

For gravy, ketchup, or other dips and sauces, use portion cups to serve up sauces, or prepare them in advance to stay ahead of any rushes.  Also, check out our new eco-friendly portion cups for a green option!

Meals on the Go

Many customers love to enjoy sandwiches on the go, making take-out supplies a necessity for any sandwich shop.

Leak and grease resistant paper food containers are ideal for holding soup or salad orders for takeout, and lids are available to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills during transport. Cutlery kits provide the perfect option for takeout orders as they are individually wrapped to ensure sanitary use, and can provide customers with forks, knives, spoons, napkins, straws, or salt and pepper packets.

For some added flair, use deli papers to wrap up sandwiches for takeout orders. From newsprint to checkerboard, there are a variety of designs available to suit any establishment. Sandwich wraps are also available to allow for the easy packaging of sandwiches, wraps, or paninis. Take-out or grocery bags are also good to have on hand for carrying out orders.

Disposable hot and cold cups are another must-have to serve up juice, soda, coffee, or tea on the go. Drink carryout trays have a handle on top for easy carrying, so they’re ideal for carrying multiple drink orders without spilling or leaking. Individually wrapped straws are also available for use with take-out beverage orders.  If you’re looking for a greener option, take a look at our eco cups & accessories and our eco straws.

Food Prep

Of course, protective wear is essential. You can use poly or vinyl gloves to prep sandwiches or salads in the kitchen, and aprons to prevent liquids from staining employees clothing, and to promote a safe and sanitary kitchen environment. Hair restraints such as hairnets are another must-have to keep hair from ruining customer’s meals.

Poly food containers and food storage boxes are ideal for storing produce to keep it fresh and ready to serve. Check out our kitchen storage products for the right option for your business. Zip bags or food storage bags can also be used to store extra product or portion salad, fruit, rolls or bread, and other ingredients before service.

Slice up bread, sandwiches and rolls with ease with bread knives. Able to slice through the toughest loaves, they are guaranteed to be an asset to any sandwich shop kitchen.

Serve up apple cheddar and pork paninis or sushi sandwiches and a variety of other delicious dishes with these quality products. Looking for more products to help make your sandwiches a success? Be sure to check out our Elevate your Sandwiches blog post.

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