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Is Your Restaurant Environmentally Friendly?

Caring for the environment is the responsibility of every person, organization and business. Restaurants in particular are known for using large amounts of resources, from electricity to paper napkins. However, these practices don’t have to be set in stone. Now more than ever, there are opportunities to go eco-friendly by switching out your products and adjusting procedures. Keep on reading to learn how to tell if your restaurant is environmentally friendly.

Energy and Resource

Use It’s not hard to take resources like electricity and water for granted. When it comes to managing your kitchen, it may seem necessary to use water at any chance or to always have equipment running. If this is the case with your restaurant kitchen, take the time and educate your staff on ways to reduce energy and resource use. Rather than run dishwashers whenever possible, wait until the racks are full. Ensure ovens are off when they aren’t in use. While it might seem easier to leave ovens on low until they’re needed, remind employees they don’t take long to preheat. Employees should also know to turn lights off in rooms that aren’t in use, such as supply closets or back offices.

While upgrading dishwashers, ovens and other equipment can be quite expensive, there are other supplies available that can help reduce energy and resources. Flow restrictor valves, for example, help reduce water use when washing hands. Install automatic light switches to avoid employees forgetting to turn off switches. Buy clearly marked compost, recycling and trash bins to remind everyone how to properly dispose of waste.

Eco-Friendly Tableware and Accessories

Most traditional restaurant supplies are made from plastic, styrofoam and other materials that go straight to the dump after use. While these products make for quick and easy cleanups, they do nothing to reduce a restaurant’s impact on the environment.

CiboWares offer a wide range of recyclable products that offer the same level of convenience as traditional restaurant products. Palm leaf bowls and plates, for example, are lightweight yet durable enough to hold the heaviest of entrees. Wooden serving boats and tasting cones are made from premium-quality birch wood are perfect for adding a creative spin when serving appetizers and desserts. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, we also carry a variety of sugarcane tableware and takeout containers.

Our eco-friendly products aren’t limited to tableware. Switching out accessories including picks, skewers and stirrers is one of the easiest ways to reduce waste. Our splinter-free bamboo picks, available in knotted and paddle styles, add an elegant touch to appetizers and beverages. For a more traditional look, there’s no beating our wooden and bamboo skewers. Serve our bamboo coffee stirrers with coffee and tea.

Reducing energy and waste is key to going green at your restaurant. We at CiboWares are committed to providing eco-friendly products for our customers to choose from. Whether you’ve been a green advocate for years or are just getting started, the tips we’ve provided can help ensure you’re running a green restaurant. Even if you can only enforce one of these tips at a time, the important thing is that you’re moving forward and showing employees and customers that you care.


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