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Making Catering Outdoors Easier

Whether you’re catering a wedding, banquet, special event or party, hosting your event outdoors can be a wonderful experience for guests. With wonderful scenery, delicious food, entertainment and fun, your event is sure to keep your guests entertained. To make your event a hit, follow these simple tips to satisfy both staff and guests, and use these quality products to keep food fresh and delicious and give your event some flair and style. 

Go Disposable

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with piles of dirty dishes, surfaces, or supplies after a successful event. Go disposable with CiboWares’ selection of tableware, napkins, banquet rolls, pan liners, and utensils to reduce cleanup time and your staff’s stress level, while providing guests with a quality dining experience.

CiboWares selection of sugarcane, palm, and bamboo tableware is sure to be a hit with guests. Featuring square and round plates, bowls and platters, our palm leaf products are an elegant and stylish option, while bamboo cones and serving boats are guaranteed to give dishes a new and fresh look. Perfect for serving up everything from candies to meat and potatoes, these products are also compostable, making them the perfect option for eco-friendly conscious guests or organizers.

Elegant bamboo heart forks are a unique and distinct option for serving up tasting appetizers, and disposable wooden cutlery is durable enough to withstand any dish. Add some color to dishes with CiboWares' colorful beverage and dinner napkins available in a multitude of fun and festive colors.

Protect pans from messy sauces and reduce time spent scrubbing and scouring pans with pan liners. Worried about messy spills or food on tables? Use disposable banquet rolls to give tables an elegant look, while also protecting surfaces and eliminating clean up time.

Keep Food Tasting Delicious

Hosting an event outdoors can pose some challenges, most notably, keeping cold dishes cold, hot dishes piping hot and keeping bugs away from food. Luckily, CiboWares has all the products needed to keep food tasting delicious throughout the whole event.

Use our selection of chafing dishes to keep food piping hot and ready to serve. Featuring durable covers with handles for safe and easy opening, they are guaranteed to keep out pesky bugs. For maximum convenience, our chafers can be paired with either gel or wick chafing fuels which are available in a variety of styles to suit any event.  

No delicious meal would be complete without some refreshing or hot beverages. Use our selection of Cups to keep coffee or tea piping hot, and water or juice cool and refreshing. Lids are available to seal in the heat, while also keeping out the bugs. Colorful and collectible cups with lids are also available to add some fun to kids’ dining experience.

Presentation is Key

Ensure your food and beverages look as stylish and beautiful as the location with our selection of picks and straws.

Our selection of wood, plastic, and bamboo picks are guaranteed to make any dish stand out. Use American flag picks on special occasions such as Fourth of July, or eco-friendly bamboo knot, paddle, display, or fun dolphin picks to add some fun and flair to any meal. Hosting an event on Valentine’s Day? Adorable heart shaped bamboo picks are perfect for use with any dish. Ideal for use with everything from tasty finger foods and snacks to scrumptious sandwiches, these picks are a must-have for any event.

No beverage would be complete without stylish and fun straws. Use individually wrapped giant red or flexible straws to ensure guests receive a sanitary dining experience. Fun and festive foil fireworks and paper fruit straws are great for special events or parties.

Ensure Easy Transport

Reduce the stress of loading and unloading supplies by using stackable products such as the durable 9 Qt. Complete Pan Chafer. Convenient pop up buffet kits are ideal for easy transport as they fold down to save space, and their quick setup lets you start serving tasty dishes immediately.

It’s the Little Touches that Impress

Ensure maximum guest satisfaction by using our selection of moist towelettes. Conveniently, they come pre moistened, eliminating the need for soap and water, and are ideal for use as a wipe for guests after their meal, or even by serving staff.

Interested in seeing what other catering products we have to make your event a breeze? Be sure to check out our buying guides and catering supplies to make planning and executing your next event a snap.


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