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Why Provide Customers With Cup Sleeves?

When serving up coffee or tea to go, it is important to protect your customers’ hands from these hot beverages. Keeping guests both safe and satisfied is a breeze with CiboWares’ stylish, eco-friendly cup sleeves. Simply slide them over disposable cups to provide a secure, comfortable grip. You can even mark the cup’s contents on the sleeve in order to prevent disastrous drink mix-ups.

Protect From Spills And Burns

Nothing ruins a morning like burned hands and spilled coffee. Many locations try to prevent this by double-cupping hot beverages. This method can be time consuming and expensive. Instead, use cup sleeves to provide insulation and improve grip.


Made from 80% post consumer recycled fiber, these products are perfect for eco-conscious catering services and cafes. Choose our cup sleeves to save money and reduce your establishment’s impact on the environment.

Customize Your Cups

CiboWares offers cup sleeves in the plain printed style. You can even customize large orders to feature your restaurant’s logo or other text. On the reverse side, there are boxes printed to allow employees to easily mark the contents of the cup. Options include: black, decaf, cappuccino, latte, cream, sugar, soy, other, and a space to write the customer’s name. Create a professional environment and show customers that you care by providing these elegant products.

Cibowares offers a wide range of high-quality disposable products. Want to learn more about serving hot or cold beverages to go? Read about our Tips and Tricks for Beverage Takeout. You can also browse our Straw and Stirrer buying guides.

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