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Would You Like Me To Package That To Go?

"Would you like me to package that up to go?"

It’s a question every staff member at your establishment should be familiar with. There’s no reason customers shouldn’t feel welcome to take home the food they ordered to enjoy later. It’s important, therefore, to carefully consider what takeout containers you stock your kitchen with. CiboWares provides a line of takeout packaging that meets the needs of every food establishment. Keep on reading to find the ones that are best for you.

Take-Out Boxes

When it comes to leftovers, convenience is key. Customers want to be able to quickly unpackage their food to enjoy whenever they want. Our selection of takeout food boxes feature foldable flaps instead of lids to seal in flavor and freshness. Leak-proof and stain-resistant, these boxes can hold food ranging from meats to veggies to sauces. We provide boxes in a variety of sizes to handle everything from side dishes to super-sized entrees. Whether your guests are looking to eat their meal on the go or while watching their favorite show, the one-piece design of these boxes are sure to satisfy every customer.

Takeout Containers

While boxes are a convenient way for customers to eat their takeout, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to traditional packaging. Our selection of microwaveable containers features clear lids that fit tight onto black or clear bottoms. These products are freezer and microwave safe, meaning customers can store and enjoy their food whenever they please. Even better, our containers are dishwasher safe so customers can reuse them time and time again. 

Takeout Bags

After you’ve packed up those takeout containers, it’s always a good idea to use takeout bags for convenient carrying. You can never go wrong with plain plastic bags, made to withstand heavy orders without risk of ripping or tearing. “Thank You” bags are another option if you’d prefer to send customers off with a personal touch of gratitude.


For large groups that have plenty of leftovers, jumbo size takeout bags are necessary. We’ve got you covered with our shiny wave top to go bags that can carry up to four 9" foam containers. Don’t forget that our takeout bags are recyclable, so be sure to remind your customers before they get back on the road!

Once your guests are ready to call it a night, it’s important to have takeout containers at the ready. CiboWares has you covered with a line of superior takeout packaging. Be sure to have your staff remind guests to recycle their bags and containers. Better yet, remind them that our containers are reusable. Not only will customers be able to finish your delicious food afterward, but they’ll also recognize your commitment to delivering excellent service.


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