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Elegant Must-Haves for Tea Shops

Tea shops are a great way for customers to try out new kinds of tea. From black teas such as Earl Grey to herbal Chai teas, your tea shop should be stocked with a wide variety of flavors to keep customers coming back for more! Style and appearance are an important consideration, and CiboWares has all the products needed to bring some elegance to your tea shop.

Memorable Table Settings

No customer wants to be seated at a dirty or unattractive table while they enjoy their tea and snack!

Solid color placemats are wonderful option. Choose a color that suits your shop’s theme, and use placemats to enhance the look of place settings and make cleaning up tables a snap! Our placemats can stand up to crumbs and spills and are made from durable ground wood paper. We have many colors available - including red, white, black, and gold placemats.

Serving up sandwiches or baked goods at your shop? Wrap cutlery in our selection of napkins and napkin bands to complete your table setting. Between our beverage napkins, dinner napkins, and napkin bands, you’ll be able to mix and match for the perfect color combination. Make setting tables easier by wrapping up cutlery and napkins in advance. Our selection of napkin bands feature self-sealing glue on each end to keep cutlery together and prevent dust and dirt particles from contaminating cutlery.

The Perfect Way to Serve Tea and Snacks

Make your organic green tea, fruit and flower tea, and your white tea taste delicious with our selection of hot cups. These cups are great for larger tea shop events or tastings and can also be used so customers can take their tea with them on the go. Hot cups feature polylined or insulated designs to prevent hot beverages from leaking through cups, and lids are available so customers can sip beverages without worrying about leaks or spills. If you’re looking for a green option, have a look at our eco hot cups.

Stir honey, sugar or milk into tea with our selection of stirrers. Bamboo, wood, and plastic stirrer options are available. Individually wrapped wood and bamboo stirrers are a great option for takeout orders as the wrap keeps stirrers sanitary prior to use. Protect customers hands from piping hot teas with cup sleeves! These eco-friendly sleeves are made from corrugated kraft paper and can fit standard 12-24 oz. paper hot cups with ease.

Serving up cucumber, sushi, egg salad, corned beef, or pound cake sandwiches? Place doilies under plates to give them a memorable presentation. Various sizes of doilies are available to fit under both tea cups and plates.

Looking for an eco-friendly way to serve sandwiches, fruit, or baked goods such as raspberry vanilla cakes or coffee cakes and squares? Use sugarcane, palm, or bamboo tableware. This tableware has eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable properties and is a fresh and new way to serve traditional tea snacks and desserts.

To find out more about our quality products, be sure to read our “Protecting Your Customers From Hot Coffee or Tea Spills” and “Creative Ways to Use Doilies” blog posts.

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