Dining Supplies

Add Some Extra Flair to Your Dining Room

Give customers the perfect dining experience with CiboWares selection of premium quality dining supplies. With a variety of tableware, picks and skewers, guest checks, napkins, placemats, beverage coasters, chafing fuel, and other products available, they are perfect for use at a variety of food service locations and are guaranteed to allow your culinary creations to take center stage.

Dining Supplies

Make Your Dinner Service Unforgettable

Ensure your dining table looks picture perfect with CiboWares selection of dining supplies. All of these products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors to suit any dining room needs.


Beverage coasters: 

Beverage coasters help prevent condensation from ice cold glasses from seeping onto the table. Plain white and greek key coasters are perfect for a formal setting, while NRA design coasters are ideal for a more casual setting.


Cutlery and Utensils: 

Looking for stylish and unique cutlery and utensils? CiboWares selection of bamboo, wood, and plastic cutlery is sure to meet any restaurant's needs. The wood and bamboo products are eco-friendly and compostable. Splinter-free and durable, these products are great cutlery options. Plastic 3 prong forks are a great way to add some extra fun and flair to any meal, and taster spoons can be used to attract new customers with some delicious free samples from your restaurant. 



Protect your tabletops from spills or hot or cold dishes with our colorful and fun placemats. Made from a variety of paper materials, the colored and design placemats feature "color fast" ink which prevents the ink from running and ruining the placemat when it becomes wet. Disposable, they make cleaning tables quick and easy. 



Ideal for use with beverages, finger foods, and appetizers these napkins are an effective and colorful alternative to cloth napkins. Made from paper materials, they can be used with coordinating napkin bands to enhance the look of place settings. 


Guest Checks: 

Make taking customers orders quick and easy with guest checks. Guest checks, server pads, sales books, and delivery forms are some of the styles available to assist servers and delivery staff. Efficient and easy to use, avoid mistakes when taking customers orders with CiboWares selection of guest checks. 









  • Round and square NRA design
  • Gold Greek key and Greek key catch-all designs
  • Orange decaf design
  • Plain white coasters
  • Made from pulp board, cellulose, and stock paper materials

  • Disposable bamboo tongs
  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Bamboo heart forks
  • Wooden spoons
  • Two prong wooden forks
  • Heavyweight disposable wooden and plastic cutlery
  • Heavyweight white plastic knives
  • Plastic 3 prong devil forks
  • Taster spoons


  • Greek key design
  • Mexican fiesta 
  • Chinese zodiac
  • Crocodile design
  • Facts about Italy 
  • Facts about Italy/Map of Italy, etc. 
  • Solid colors


  • White airlaid guest towel
  • White airlaid napkins
  • Black, kelly green, navy blue, purple, red, red gingham, white, and yellow beverage napkins
  • Black, red, and white dinner napkins


  • Guest check board or paper 
  • Booked or loose
  • 1,2, or 3 part booked
  • 1,2, or 3 part loose 
  • Carbonless, interleave carbon, or carbon styles
  • Colors available are green, pink, red, tan, and white
  • Unique guest checks available are red asian guest checks and white gracias guest checks