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Creative Ways to Use Doilies

Doilies are a simple way to add a touch of elegance to any dining event, and not necessarily in the ways you’d think. Though doilies are most commonly used as surface protection from beverages or plates, they can be used for decorations, tableware and more. Keep on reading to learn creative ways to use doilies at your next event! 

Serving Food

Doilies feature attractive patterns that make them perfect for serving food. Try wrapping paper doilies into cones for serving nuts and other larger-sized treats. Larger doilies can be made into tasting dishes to hold candies at dessert time. Speaking of dessert, you can roll doily patterns onto cookies for a unique presentation. Simply place the doily over the cookie dough and imprint the pattern with a rolling pin! You can also create a beautiful pattern on a cake by laying your doily on top then sifting powdered sugar all over it. Remove the doily, and voilà! 


Doilies are an inexpensive alternative to traditional party decorations. You can take doilies of different sizes to create attractive table runs. While these are most common with lace doilies, paper doilies are another option. Instead of streamers or balloons, try hanging doilies from the ceiling or making a series of bunting flag banners. These are perfect for winter-themed parties or simply to add some classiness to an occasion. 

Setting the Table

Instead of flowers or confetti to decorate your tables, try getting creative with some doily-based centerpieces. With some hot glue and scissors, you can create doily pom poms of various sizes to scatter along tables. Try wrapping doilies around a napkin before sliding them into a corresponding band to add a special touch to your place settings. 

The plain white centers of doilies give you opportunities to get creative with messaging. Use them as place cards. Spell out “congratulations” or a person’s name over a series of doilies to hang. You can also paint or stamp on designs unique to your event. Afterwards, slide doilies onto picks and skewers for serving appetizers and entrees alike. 

Favors and Projects

Once the event comes to an end, send guests on their way with doily-inspired party favors that they’ve helped create. Have guests use doilies to paint over solid-color bags so they can add their own touch to what they take home. Painting with doilies also works with other products like boxes and t-shirts. If you’re hosting an event for children, set up an arts and crafts station where they can decorate as many doilies as they want. For a more communal event, set up a large blank canvas and leave out doilies with spray or liquid paint. Guests can go up as they please and use the doilies to leave their personal design. 

About Our Doilies

Now that we’ve provided several ways to get creative with doilies, it’s time for you to give them a try! Made from durable 60 pound bond paper, our doilies are designed to protect surfaces from extreme temperatures, spills and stains. Our doilies come in diameter sizes ranging from 4” to 18” to best fit your needs and preferences. Remember that we are here to make sure the events you host are ones that guests won’t soon forget.

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