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Protecting Your Customers From Hot Coffee or Tea Spills

Customer satisfaction and safety is a top priority for managers at any food establishment. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Hot coffee and teas spills in particular can result in serious burns, not to mention a mess for employees to clean up. Best practices and proper product selection can help protect your customers from accidental spills. Today, we’re going to discuss ways you can ensure every customer has the best experience possible.

Serving Customers

Preventing hot beverage spills is the responsibility of you and your employees. Regardless of the type of establishment you run, proper training is key. When serving coffee or tea, remind employees to never fill mugs up to the rim. Have servers walk to each guest to pour - never let guests pass mugs around a table. When walking with coffee and tea pots, workers need to take their time and be aware of guests and other workers moving around your establishment. While every server wants to serve their tables as fast as possible, remind them that safety must come first.

While educating servers can reduce spills resulting from human error, accidents occur for other reasons as well. Uneven tables and chairs can easily tip cups and cause splashes in mugs. Wobble wedges, made from black vinyl, create non-slip grips on any surface. They can be easily cut with knives or scissors to fill the gap between the floor and your tables or chairs.

Coasters and Other Supplies

If you’re running a sit-down establishment such as a coffee shop or restaurant, you can utilize quality products to absorb liquids in the event of spills. Our selection of coasters, made from construction-grade paper, are designed to absorb liquids and protect all surface types. You can also go with our durable 2-ply beverage and dinner napkins, available in a variety of colors to fit the vibe of your establishment. For even more protection, there’s no beating our selection of placemats dyed with colorfast ink. Not only do these placemats absorb spills, but the colorfast ink prevents running when wet.

Stix to Go

Today it’s important for people to be able to take their beverages to go. Unfortunately, ill-fitting lids or simple missteps can result in painful spills for customers. Stix-To-Go plugs address these concerns by fitting perfectly into coffee lid holes. They securely stay in place to prevent spills and splashes. What’s more - their versatility means customers can use them to stir cream, sugar and milk into their beverages. Available in a variety of colors and lengths, this balance of convenience and safety isn’t easily found in other hot beverage supplies.

Of course, managing hot coffee and tea isn’t the only concern related to on the go orders. Beverages can turn cold by the time customers reach their office or other destination. Stix-To-Go plugs also lock in heat and moisture so customers can enjoy their beverages as intended.

Hot beverage spills can result in severe burns. Help protect customers and employees with our line of durable paper products. Our Stix-To-Go plugs are the ideal product to protect customers on the go. Remember that we at CiboWares provide only the highest-quality supplies for your establishment. Browse our other offerings to see how else we can keep your establishment running for years to come!


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