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The Many Uses of Tasting Cones

Today it’s easier than ever to get creative with the way you serve dishes at your food establishment. From higher-quality products to unique serving equipment, there’s no reason your food presentations need to be boring or bland. Tasting cones are specifically designed for people to easily carry food while they mingle with other guests. Today we’re going to explore the many uses of tasting cones and the types of food you can experiment with.

Appetizers and Cocktails

Tasting cones are a great way to mix up the way appetizers and cocktails are served to customers and guests. Shrimp can hang around the cone’s edge with a lemon wedge in the center for a unique presentation. Long and stalky vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower can be arranged into stylish medleys that guests can easily pick away at.

Side Items

Just because it’s time for the main course doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with tasting cones. Finger foods like French fries, potato wedges and cheese sticks are just a few examples of fun-filled sides that can fit perfectly into tasting cones. Customers can then add ketchup, mustard or other condiments without needing to carry separate cups or plates.

Tasting cones are also a great way to give guests the opportunity to try out different takes on staple items. For example, you can give guests a “tour” of different rice-based dishes, including Spanish rice and fried rice. Speaking of tours, there’s no better way to provide a “sampler” to guests than with tasting cones. Their portability makes it easy for everyone at the table to taste and share your creations.


Tasting cones are a great way to serve tasty treats, and the best way to wrap up a meal. Their durability makes them perfect for serving frozen yogurt, ice cream and sherbet. Of course, you can really spoil your guests by serving unique candy mixes. Everyone enjoys picking at chocolate-dipped fruit and nuts – with tasting cones, guests can enjoy their share without hovering around tins on the dessert table.

There’s no denying that fruit serves as a healthy dessert option. From berries to kiwis to melons, the selection of fruit to choose from gives you a lot of variety when creating the ideal fruit salad. Get creative and cut these fruits into different shapes to make bouquets that look as good as they taste.

Trail Mixes

We placed trail mixes in their own category because they can be prepared to go along with any menu, occasion or party theme. Go sweet and salty by blending pretzels with dried fruit. Use nuts and seeds to add some healthy fats and protein to your mix. For dessert, try adding chocolate chips, M&Ms and yogurt-covered raisins. Depending on your trail mix, try adding spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper or nutmeg for added flavor.

We at CiboWares are sure you’re ready to try out some of these ideas, and our tasting cone products are unmatched in quality and style. Tasting cones are a great way to portion out food items to ensure every guest has more than just a taste. Made from wood and bamboo, our tasting cones make for quick and easy cleanups. It’s time to get creative and serve tasting cones at your next event!


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