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Using Food Shells

Whether you’re managing an upscale restaurant or catering a casual get-together, portioning is key during food preparation. Food shells are a great way to pre-portion food while giving a classy touch to any presentation. We at CiboWares provide food shells for clams, crabs and potatoes, though you can certainly get creative with additional uses. Below, we’ll discuss proper food shell use so you can get the best out of these convenient products!

Planning Out the Meal

Whether you’re prepping food the night before or the morning of, understanding the key points to the event is key. What’s the guest count? What’s on the menu? Knowing the guest count is obvious, as it tell you how much food to prepare overall. The menu is important, as differing options for entrees and sides will dictate how much of each dish to prepare. Perhaps clams are one of several appetizer options. Are you serving exclusively shellfish, or is this one of several entree selections? The same planning should apply when planning on sides like baked potatoes.

Prepping Your Food

Once you understand the extent of your menu and quantity requirements, it’s time to prep the dishes. Fortunately, our food shells are freezer and oven safe, giving you the flexibility needed to prep other meals as well. If you’re working with baked potatoes, place them in food shells and set aside until it’s closer to baking time. Depending on how you prepare you clams and crabs, waiting until they’re cooked before placing into food shells may be necessary.

Serving Guests

The attractive quality of our food shells holds up regardless of how they’re served. Line up your shellfish or sides in trays to add a sparkling display to buffet lines. Open faced clams placed on food shells would grab guests’ attention as servers walk around with the hors d'oeuvres. Of course, nothing beats their elegant display when placed next to the main course and served right to the guest.

Getting Creative

While our food shells are specially shaped for potatoes and shellfish, you can get creative with the types of food you serve to guests. Try serving rice or other grains in our food shells as a stylish alternative to bowls or plates. Our clam shells, available in different sizes, can be a great choice for serving samples of cake or other bite-sized desserts. Speaking of desserts, our potato shells can also be used to serve single scoops of ice cream or sherbet. Again, this all goes back to portioning - ensuring every guest has had a taste of your food helps guarantee a pleasant and memorable experience for all.

We at CiboWares understand the importance of food prep and portioning, regardless of the type of establishment you run. Like many of our other products, food shells are easily disposable, eliminating the time that would otherwise be spent cleaning bowls or plates. From cocktail plates to tasting cones, we have all the supplies you need to make sure everyone gets their fair share. For more information on our other product offerings and how to use them, check out our buying guides today!


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