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Supplies for Efficient Delivery Service

Customers love to enjoy a meal on the go, and having good delivery service is a must for any foodservice location. Keep food items the perfect temperature and ensure your location has an efficient delivery service with CiboWares’ selection of quality products.

Pack it Up

Wrap up sandwiches, tortillas, hamburgers, and more with our selection of food wraps and papers. They are perfect for keeping meals together, and they can prevent messy sauces and toppings from leaking through takeout packaging or bags.

Takeout packaging is a must for any foodservice location. From food bowls and containers to portion and drink cups, we’ve got you covered. Use paper food containers and lids to package soups, salads, stews, and curries. Made from paperboard with a PE coating, they are ideal for holding both hot and cold food items. Microwavable food and deli containers are made from polypropylene and can be used to package meals such as meat dishes, salads, sides, and sauces. They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe making them the most versatile option. Serving up messy dishes with gravy or sauces? Use folded takeout boxes. These boxes have a cut resistant outer body with a leak-proof and grease-resistant design.

Serving up slices of Hawaiian or philly steak pizza? Package individual slices in pizza slice Italian takeout cartons. These cartons can be stored flat and can hold even the thickest of pizza slices.

Bag it Up

Bag takeout orders with ease with our selection of takeout bags. Wave top to go bags are made from low density polyethylene and are ideal for packaging large takeout orders. Featuring a durable design, they have a large bottom gusset so bags can stand up straight on counters.

Thank You bags are made from high density polyethylene and have a more lightweight design that makes them ideal for holding takeout food and vegetables with ease. Plain bags are another great lightweight option and are durable enough to prevent unfortunate ripping or tearing during use.

Looking for a great paper bag option? Use grocery bags! These bags can carry everything from bottles to salads and feature a flat bottom with a self standing design for placement on counters. Self standing bags make it easy for staff to package takeout orders for maximum convenience.


Allow customers to enjoy meals on the go with wrapped disposable cutlery and cutlery kits. Wrapped disposable cutlery helps keep cutlery sanitary prior to use and ready to go. Cutlery kits come in a variety of different combinations - including forks, knives, soup spoons, teaspoons, straws, napkins, sporks, and salt and pepper packets so customers have everything they need to enjoy their meal in a convenient little package.

Don’t forget to use delivery forms to keep orders organized! These forms are carbonless 3-part booked and have 14 lines for easy recording. They feature spaces for customer’s house, apartment, or townhouse address and also allow staff to note the time ordered and the promised delivery time.

Looking for more information on our selection of takeout products? Be sure to read our “Would You Like Me to Package That to Go?” blog post and “Take-Out Packaging” buying guide.


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