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Wedding Food and Serving Trends

Weddings are a big, exciting, and busy day for the bride and groom, but it’s just as busy for those who prepare food and beverages for the couple and their guests! From recipes and menus to service and presentation, here are some of the most recent wedding food and serving trends that are sure to be a hit with wedding caterers and clients alike.

Breakfast or Brunch

Who doesn’t like a nice breakfast or brunch for a snack or dinner? Using breakfast or brunch themed dishes has rapidly become a new and exciting trend for weddings.

Use bamboo, prism, sword, or party picks to add some style, color or excitement to waffle and chicken sliders, mini donuts, mini pancakes, or other small breakfast treats for a trendy snack or easy dinner. 

Serving up regular sized pancakes or omelettes is also becoming a popular trend. Pancake or omelette stations are a great idea as they allow guests to customize their orders and reduce stress on caterers. Use our >decanters to display orange juice, hot beverages or specialty drinks at stations. Chafing dishes are perfectly designed for keeping food hot and ready to serve, and allow guests to easily lift tops and remove food such as scrambled eggs with our serving spoons.

Comfort Food

Gone are the days when elaborate wedding dinners were the norm! Couples are increasingly asking caterers to prepare some of their favorite comfort food dishes, such as burgers and fries, or get their favorite food truck to cater their wedding!

Use serving boats and rustic looking bamboo knot picks to serve up traditional burgers and fries. Our disposable sugarcane, bamboo, and palm tableware is an ideal option for caterers or food trucks catering a wedding. Disposable, they are stylish and suitable for a wide variety of dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, tacos, salads, and small desserts!

“Late night snacks” are also becoming quite popular. Couples will ask caterers to prepare bite sized tacos, sliders, or other comfort foods to serve up after the initial meal. Palm dips are ideal for serving up small dishes and sauces or dips, and our selection of picks can be used with bite sized sandwiches or desserts.

Yummy Desserts

Yes, the big and fun wedding cakes are still in and becoming bigger and more elaborate than ever! That said, no wedding would be complete without a variety of desserts available.

Use our selection of tulip baking cups to display buttercream, carrot, fruit, red velvet, and a variety of other delicious cupcakes with ease. Their design allows colorful and elaborate icing and toppings to shine through to create a delicious looking presentation.

Who doesn’t love chocolate fountains? Use our selection of picks or skewers to display desserts, fruit, or other treats for dipping, and keep our selection of beverage or dinner napkins available in case things get messy.

The Old Fashioned Way

Rustic weddings are becoming another excellent option to add a unique flair and style to wedding design and food presentation.

Drinking jars are a great rustic option for serving beverages to guests. They can be used to serve a variety of beverages such as lemonade, water, juice, soda, beer, and more! 

Supplies for Any Wedding

Every wedding needs quality straws, napkins, tableware, and a variety of other supplies to be prepared for anything and ensure there’s enough supplies to accommodate guests. Disposable cutlery, tableware, and glasses may be preferable as they help to reduce cleanup time, especially after serving a large number of guests.

Chafing fuel is a must-have for weddings using chafers to keep food hot before service. White poly table covers are a great option to easily protect tabletops from leaks or spills, and beverage stirrers will come in handy for weddings serving up coffee or tea.

Don’t settle for inefficient products, use CiboWares selection of products to ensure that the next wedding you cater goes according to plan.


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