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Creative Drinks for Any Coffee Shop

Classic coffees and teas are a staple of any coffee shop. Stand out from the crowd by having some fun with traditional coffee beverages by including some new frappes, lattes, or other fun drinks on the menu. Don’t settle for traditional flavors or presentation, get creative with CiboWares' selection of quality products. 


Add some new flavors to traditional foamy lattes and serve them up in a selection of glasses to give them a new and fun presentation!

Serve up minty and festive peppermint lattes or add some extra sweetness with frozen caramel lattes. Add some style to any latte by adding a chocolate or caramel swirl at the top, or top with cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin spice to bring some fall or holiday flavors to any delicious latte.


Add some “frostiness” to traditional mochas by making iced mochas! Perfect for the summer months: simply freeze coffee in ice cube trays overnight and then blend coffee ice cubes, milk, chocolate syrup, and sugar in a blender. Topped with delicious whipped cream and chocolate sauce to give these frosty treats an elegant presentation.

Cafe Frappe

Bring some new flavors to icy frappes with mud pie frappes! Mud pie frappes include a hot fudge topping, cookies and ice cream, and a delicious taste that is sure to satisfy any coffee craving.

Serve up fresh tasting green tea frappes! Featuring natural honey and green tea flavors, they are the perfect “green” tea beverage. Add a mint leaf or slice of lemon as a garnish to give these brightly colored frappes some added style and flair.

Another great tea beverage for coffee shops is spiced cider tea frappes! These frappes feature pumpkin pie spice and apple juice and makes an absolutely delicious option. Top them off with a slice of apple or a cinnamon stick for some added flavor and presentation.

Finish off your frappe menu by adding a simple yet sweet item, chocolate frappes! Featuring chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, cookie powder, and yummy whipped cream, these delectable coffee treats are a must-have for any coffee shop.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a great way to reinvigorate traditional coffee by adding some irish cream and whiskey! Ingredients such as nutmeg and brown sugar may also be added. Top these delicious creations off with some creamy whipped cream to create the perfect irish themed beverage.


Add lemon, caramel syrup, marshmallows, mint, vanilla, chocolate shavings and syrup, honey, and a variety of other ingredients to americanos to give them a new and fun flavor! Add some sweetness by putting whipped cream and syrups together, or give them some fresh flavors by using mint or lemon! 

Supplies for Any Creative Drink

Coasters and beverage napkins are some stylish supplies that are guaranteed to enhance the look of beverages, and prevent drips or condensation from staining surfaces.

Most of these creative treats will need a straw. Use CiboWares' selection of straws to find just the right style to suit your shop’s beverages and theme.

No coffee or tea would be complete without stirrers. Bamboo, wood, and plastic styles are available to make stirring milk, sugar, cream, or other ingredients a breeze.

For take-out orders, check out our selection of disposable cups and lids. Plus, we have a selection of coffee lid stir and plug sticks to stir your beverages with ease and to snuggly plug their lids - keeping your beverages hotter for longer periods of time. Individually wrapped stirrers are also available to prevent contamination and ensure easy use.

Keep coffee shops running smoothly with our selection of coffee shop supplies.


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