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Add Some Style and Freshness to Your Italian Restaurant!

Italian restaurants are well known for their fresh ingredients, house made pizza, and homemade pasta. Exciting flavors and presentation are a must! Quality products are a must-have to make sure that dishes look appetizing and place settings look elegant and fun. Use CiboWares’ selection of Italian restaurant supplies to make your restaurant a customer favorite.

Fresh Oven Baked Pizzas

There’s nothing better than pizzas topped in fresh ingredients and sauces being cooked in a wood fired oven. Once they’re ready to serve, use pizza knives or pizza cutters to easily cut through thick crusts and toppings and create even slices with ease. Slices can be removed using our selection of pizza/pie servers. These servers prevent toppings from sliding off of pizza slices and keep slices together so customers receive a quality product. Check out our pizza tools and accessories to make your pizza orders easy as pie.

Pizza slice holders are another grab and go option but do not have a cover to protect pizzas. These holders are designed to protect servers and customers hands from messy pizza toppings and sauces while they eat their meal. Made from laminated paperboard, they feature scored flaps for easy folding.

Delivering pizzas? Use our pizza stackers in pizza boxes to prevent cheese and other toppings from sticking to the top of the box. These savers are made from food grade plastic and can withstand high temperatures. Convenient, they are stackable to help save storage space.

Delicious Pasta

When it comes to Italian take-out or delivery, durable and easy to use products are key. Give your customers a great dining experience even when they’re dining at home. Disposable cutlery kits ensure customers have everything they need to enjoy their pasta dishes. They come pre-wrapped with a variety of utensil combinations so servers can pack orders in a snap.

CiboWares has a great selection of take-out packaging that will suit any type of dish. Microwavable take-out containers have a professional look, and their durable construction allows customers to reheat their pasta without worry. If you’re looking for an eco option, have a look at our sugarcane bagasse hinged lid containers. Perfect for serving hot pastas, look for those that are lined with PLA. These containers are still perfectly compostable, but offer extra protection against hot and saucy foods.

Add Some Spice to Place Settings

Activity sheets are the perfect way to entertain youngsters while they wait for their meal. We offer a variety of designs with coloring and games on both sides of the sheet. They are also customizable to incorporate your kids menu and restaurant logo. They are made from quality ground wood paper and have “color fast” ink to prevent colors from running when wet. Biodegradable and recyclable, these placemats can stand up to pasta sauce spills and hot plates with ease.

Green, white, and red beverage and dinner napkins are also available so customers can enjoy messy meals worry-free! Italian colored napkins are also a great way to bring some fun to table settings.

Be sure to check out our selection of pizza supplies to make sure that you have the right products for your Italian restaurant.

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