Pizza Supplies

Serving Up Pizzas Just Got Easier!

Rely on CiboWares as your one-stop shop for all your pizza shop needs. Protect employees clothing with our comfortable yet effective aprons, hair restraints and gloves. Serve pizza and other meals on our eco-friendly bowls, plates and platters and keep equipment looking good as new with our griddle screens, utility pads and sponges.

Pizza Supplies

Make Serving Up Pizzas a Snap

CiboWares offers products to help in every aspect of your Pizza business, from cleaning to serving and take-out options. 



Stirrers and straws are perfect for any food service location and are especially useful for takeout or serving customers their favorite beverage along with their pizza. No food service establishment would be complete without CiboWares beautifully crafted tableware. CiboWares has so many effective and high quality pizza supplies available to cater to any parlor's needs. 

  • Molded Fiber plates and bowls
  • Bamboo & wooden tasting cones & serving boats
  • Straws including jumbo, spoon, colossal, sip, giant & paper fruit straws
  • Wood coffee & beverage stirrers
  • Placemats



Pizza Slice Holders, take-out bags and of course, no pizza parlor would be complete without CiboWares premium quality pizza stackers, CiboWares has a large assortment of take-out products. Plastic deli-containers are ideal for take-out salads, microwavable containers give your customers the option of re-heating anything they take home, and disposable cutlery is a necessity for any take-out package. 

  • Pizza stackers keep cheese & pizza toppings from sticking to the top of the box 
  • Plastic & wood knives, forks, and spoons
  • 8 - 32 oz food & deli containers 
  • Round, square and 2 compartment microwavable containers
  • Take-out bags & racks
  • Take-out food boxes in black, white or kraft



Remove tough stains and baked on food residue with grill cleaning supplies. Our selection of premium quality gloves can carry out a variety of food service tasks, including cleaning and food prep. Chef hats and hairnets are a necessity for any food service location as they help keep surfaces sanitary and hair and contaminants out of customers meals. 

  • Gloves, aprons, cheft hats and hairnets
  • Griddle screens ensure quick & easy removal of tough stains & food particles
  • Black grill cleaning pads for cleaning utensils, pots, pans or other equipment
  • Doodle bug pad hand holders clean grills without coming in contact with hot grills
  • Griddle blocks clean dull stainless steel grills, flame-scorched pots, pans, & other utensils