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Bagasse tableware is made from the pulp from the stalks of sugarcane. They are pressed into shape using a high-heat, high pressure process.

Sugarcane is a renewable, sustainable resource, helping to make our bagasse products eco-friendly. They are compostable, and can be disposed of in your kitchen's food waste bin. Our bagasse products are completely safe to use and are FDA approved.

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Sugarcane bowls are perfect for cereal, desserts, soups, salsa, and more.  Bagasse bowls can handle hot, cold, and oily foods with ease. The perfect disposable bowl for weddings and other events. Bagasse disposable bowls can be thrown out with food waste and compost. Save with CiboWares and show that you care about the environment at the same time.


Available in 12-ounce and 16-ounce sizes.  Sugarcane disposable plates and take-away food containers are also available.