What Makes Mineral Filled Takeout Containers Different?mineral filled plastic large takeout container. there is a chef's salad inside the container

What Makes Mineral Filled Takeout Containers Different?

Mineral-filled polypropylene (PP) containers are a type of plastic container that incorporates mineral fillers into polypropylene during the manufacturing process. Although the exact manufacturing process will vary between companies, choosing mineral-filled containers over regular polypropylene ones has practical benefits no matter the manufacturer.


Here are some interesting facts about mineral-filled polypropylene containers:

Material Composition

Mineral-filled polypropylene containers consist of a base of polypropylene resin, blended with various mineral fillers. The fillers can include minerals like talc, calcium carbonate, mica, glass fibers, or other reinforcing materials.

Benefits of Using Mineral Fillers

The addition of mineral fillers to polypropylene containers has several advantages. The use of minerals can make the containers stiffer with less heat resistance. Mineral fillers also help to reduce shrinkage and warping during the molding process.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties

Mineral fillers reinforce the polypropylene material, increasing the container's strength and rigidity. This makes mineral-filled polypropylene containers more robust and able to withstand more weight compared to other containers. This makes them ideal for stacking in our flat bottomed kraft takeout bags.

Thermal Resistance

The presence of mineral fillers improves the heat resistance of polypropylene containers. This allows them to withstand higher temperatures without significant deformation or loss of integrity. They are great for serving takeout orders that contain hot foods.

Reduced Material Costs

Incorporating mineral fillers into polypropylene containers can lead to cost savings. Mineral fillers are generally less expensive than pure polypropylene resins, so using them in the manufacturing process can reduce the overall material costs. When we save, so do you!

BPA Free

All our mineral-filled polypropylene containers are certified BPA free.

Multiple Uses in Many Industries

Mineral-filled polypropylene is not just used in containers but can be found across various industries. It is commonly used in automotive parts, electrical enclosures, household appliances, packaging, and other products where a balance of mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and cost efficiency is required.