The Convenient and Economical Combination

An invaluable kitchen tool, these grill cleaning kits contain pads, screens, and holders to make cleaning tough messes off grills a quick and easy process.


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Clean Messy Grills With Ease

Ideal for use in food trucks, restaurants, steak houses, or other food service locations that feature a grill, these kits are sure to provide the cleaning power needed to clean piping hot grills or griddles. 


Grill Cleaning Kit Containers: 

Featuring ten abrasive pads, ten clog resistant grill screens, and a convenient plastic holder, these kit containers are guaranteed to make cleaning messy grills a quick and easy process. 


Grill Cleaning Kit: 

Make cleaning grills a safe and efficient process with these grill cleaning kits. These kits contain one tough abrasive pad, one clog resistant screen, and a metal holder to allow restaurant staff to clean grills without their hands coming in contact with the hot surface. 






  • 10 pads
  • 10 screens
  • 1 blue plastic holder



  • 1 pad
  • 1 screen
  • 1 metal holder