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Concession Stand Must Haves

Concession stands are the hallmark of any great sporting event, cinema, amusement park or fair. From hot dogs to nachos, fans come to concession stands for the best in fun and delicious food. Organization is key - the last thing you want is to run out of plates or straws halfway through your event! That’s why we’ve provided our list of must-haves to keep your stand fully stocked and running for any event.

Setting Up

Before the crowd arrives, it’s important to lay out all supplies and properly set up your equipment. Make sure you have cups, lids and straws for beverages. Jumbo spoons straws are perfect for slushies, smoothies and other frozen drinks. Traditional jumbo straws are great for sodas of any size. Sip straws are best for hot beverages like coffee and tea. Don’t forget to provide stirrers so customers can easily add cream, milk and sugar.

While many customers may choose to eat tasty finger foods the old fashioned way, all concession stands should provide durable and high quality utensils. Wooden spoons and pronged wood forks offer an alternative to plastic forks and knives. If you serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, use tasting spoons so customers can try different flavors, and make sure to have moist towelettes available for your customers’ convenience.

For fryers, proper filtration supplies are essential for getting the most out of your fry oil. Filters are great for removing leftover food particles from oil. Cone and envelope-shaped filters are available to suit any setup.

Serving Your Menu

No matter the game or event, you’ll likely have a consistent line of customers from beginning to end. You and your team need to know how to serve orders in a quick and efficient manner. Plates and serving boats should be readily available so workers can grab them while delicious dishes are still piping hot. For snack items like popcorn, tasting cones allow for a stylish presentation and easy handling. Picks and skewers are great for adding some fun to bite-sized food or messy items like cheese fries.

Make serving a snap in tight and crowded locations with takeout boxes. Styles with foldover flaps are available to help prevent unfortunate spills and are durable enough to withstand any dish. If pizza is your specialty, slice holders are perfect for keeping grease and excess cheese off customers’ clothes. Takeout bags are another great option to offer maximum convenience to customers.

Packing It In

After organizing and executing a successful event, it’s time to shut down your concession stand and call it a day. Pack your open, unused food in storage bags to keep them fresh and minimize waste. Use proper grill and fryer cleaners to make scrubbing off grease and other buildups as easy as possible. To speed up cleaning time, make sure to have enough cleaning supplies around so everyone on your team can help out. It’s best to use cleaning wipes that have high absorbency rates and can be easily washed for reuse to make cleaning a snap.

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