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What Every Chef Needs to be Successful in the Kitchen

Every passionate chef needs the right supplies to cook up delicious dishes! Without the right supplies, food quality and kitchen cleanliness will suffer. From chef hats and hair restraints to scrapers and aprons, CiboWares has all the supplies needed to help any aspiring chef find success.

Comfortable Chef Hats

Every chef needs a comfortable and functional chef hat! CiboWares has a variety of styles available such as flat packs, fluted, pleated, viscose shaded pleat, and viscose pleated “le toque” styles. Flat pack styles have a peel and stick adjustable tab and can be assembled and made to fit any size. Fluted chef hats have a peel and stick adjustable tab to suit a variety of sizes and do not require any assembly. Pleated chef hats have a seven hole vented top for added breathability so chef’s can stay comfortable during long hours in the kitchen. They also feature a sweat band for longer wear and have a fully pleated design. Viscose shaded pleat chef hats have an open top with shaded pleats and need to be assembled before use. Viscose “le toque” hats feature a European style design and are adjustable to suit a variety of head sizes. Comfortable to wear, they are ideal for extended use. Chef hats are designed to prevent hair from falling into food during food prep, and provide chefs with a professional and stylish look while also keeping heads comfortable and cool in hot kitchens.

Pleats in a chef hat used to represent the number of recipes a chef had learned! Even the height of the hat used to indicate how knowledgeable a chef was about their craft. Nowadays chef’s can skip chef hats altogether and use our selection of beanie chef caps, bouffant caps, hairnets, or paper caps if they are looking for other comfortable headwear options.

Stay Comfortable and Sanitary

Gloves and aprons are the perfect way to complete a chef’s uniform, and are necessary to ensure kitchens stay safe and sanitary.

CiboWares has a variety of glove options available such as hybrid, latex, nitrile, poly, synthetic, vinyl, and yellow rubber gloves. Poly gloves are ideal for lighter duty foodservice tasks such as food prep, while nitrile gloves are a more durable option. Use nitrile gloves when handling meat products or acidic foods to ensure user comfort and customer safety. Many of our AmerCare foodservice glove styles are FDA accepted for food contact.

Aprons are another must that protect chefs’ clothing from unfortunate spills. Polyethylene and polypropylene apron styles are available. Polyethylene aprons are waterproof to offer protection against spills and messy stains such as grease and sauces, while polypropylene aprons have a breathable design and are designed to protect against dirt and dust particles.

To find out more about our selection of reliable chef products, be sure to read our “Outfitting Your Kitchen Staff” blog post and “Disposable Chef Hats & Hair Restraints” buying guide!

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