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Disposable Chef Hats & Hair Restraints Buying Guide

The Perfect Hat for Every Job

A cook working at a restaurant has long, untied hair. While preparing a delicious, perfectly cooked lamb chop drizzled with garlic-rosemary sauce with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, a strand of long black hair floats onto the potatoes unbeknownst to the cook. Now that customer gets to experience garlic mashed with a side of hair. Doesn’t sound overly appetizing now, does it?

This is a picture perfect example of why anyone working with or near food is required to wear a hair or beard restraint if needed. Caps help to protect food from outside contaminants, and finding a hair in your food is disgusting! Don’t make your customers lose their appetite, use CiboWares selection of chef hats, beanie caps and hair nets to keep your kitchen sanitary, and let customers enjoy their meal without the nasty surprises.

Things to Consider

  • Pleated refers to a type of fold. A pleated fold is formed by doubling the fabric back over itself, and putting it in place.
  • Fluted hats have hollow or rounded lines down the length of the hat.

Chef Hats

Made from high quality materials, these durable white hats have been crafted to fit most sizes and are guaranteed to make your customers dining experience hair-free.

Fluted: With no assembly required, these paper hats have a peel and stick adjustable tab, making them accessible to heads of all sizes. They are extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of time, making them perfect for use during long, humid days in the kitchen.

  • Weight: Light
  • Sizes: 7”, 9”, 10”, 12”
  • Material: Paper

Pleated: These paper caps come with a seven hole vented top to provide breathability and comfort to the user, and have a sweatband that makes them easier to wear over long periods of time.

  • Sizes: 7”, 9”, 10”, 12”
  • Material: Paper

Viscose Pleated “Le Toque”: Made from long-lasting, non-woven material, these European style hats are ideal for use over long periods of time. They come fully assembled and can be adjusted to fit any size.

  • Sizes: 9”, 12”
  • Material: Non-woven

Viscose Shaded Pleat: Featuring an open top these hats are made from high quality non-woven material and can absorb sweat without tearing. They need to be assembled before use, and come flat packed to help reduce storage space.

  • Sizes: 8”
  • Material: Non-woven

Hair Restraints

These hair restraints are latex-free, breathable, and extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of time. They are ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, and institutions.

  • Weight: Light
  • Sizes: 18”, 21”, 24”
  • Material: Fire retardant honeycomb netting and soft nylon
  • Weave: Extra-tight
  • Colors: Dark brown, brown, black, white

O.R. Caps:
Cool, comfortable, and lint-free these bouffant caps have an elastic band that gives users of all sizes, a snug, adjustable fit. They are latex-free, and are ideal for use in food processing units, hospitals, and pharmaceutical setups.

  • Sizes: 19”, 21”, 24”
  • Material: Spunbonded polypropylene (cloth-like) fabric
  • Colors: White, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, navy blue
  • Styles: Non-pleated, pleated

Latex-free, these nets are breathable and comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Barely visible when being worn, they are perfect for use in health care facilities, restaurants, or food processing units.

  • Weight: Light and heavy
  • Sizes: 20”, 24”, 25”, 28”
  • Material: Fire retardant nylon netting
  • Weave: Extra-tight
  • Colors: Light and dark brown, brown, black, white

Disposable Paper Caps

Classy Caps: These caps are fully size adjustable and are breathable, making them the comfortable choice for chefs working under long and hot conditions.

  • Weight: Light
  • Material: Crepe paper
  • Colors: Plain white, white with blue, green, and red stripes

Overseas Caps: Ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, and other institutions, these caps feature a raised crown design, and have many of the same characteristics as classy caps.

  • Size: 11.5" L x 6" H, size adjustable
  • Weight: Light
  • Material: Crepe paper
  • Colors: Plain white, white with blue, and red stripes

Kids Caps: A fun alternative to ordinary placemats, these caps are perfect for kids and allow them to color the caps however they choose. They are sold in fish and animal designs and are the perfect way to bring some joy to the kids.

  • Size: 11" L x 3.35" H
  • Material: Soft crepe paper
  • Colors: White

Beanie Chef Caps

Beanie Chef Caps: More economical than cloth caps while still maintaining the look of cloth, these beanie caps are completely disposable, cutting down on the cost and effort of washing/laundering. They are made from lightweight and breathable materials, making them comfortable to wear over long periods of time. They are ideal for use by restaurant serving or kitchen staff.

  • Sizes: 7 ¼” hat size and smaller or larger sizes
  • Height: 2.99" (7.6 cm)
  • Opening: 10.83" (27.5 cm) or 11.42" (29 cm)
  • Crown Diameter (Top): 7.24" (18.4 cm) or 8.15" (20.7 cm)
  • Weight: Light
  • Colors: Black, white, navy blue

Beard Protectors

Nylon Honeycomb:
Featuring large holes and opening, these beard protectors prevent material shedding and have an enduring, comfortable fit. Perfect for use in food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical settings, or lab environments, they have open weave material that gives them their great fit and makes them easy to slip on. They are latex-free, and guaranteed to provide excellent protection against contaminants.

  • Weave: Open
  • Sizes: 18”
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: Dark brown, white, blue.

These beard protectors are an economical choice. They are easy to slip on, and stay in place with the help of a comfortable, elastic back. Perfect for use in food processing facilities, institutional foodservices, pharmaceutical settings, or lab environments, they are also latex-free.

  • Material: Spunbond
  • Colors: White

Polypropylene Hood:
Designed to provide hair and beard protection, these one-piece, latex-free hoods have a strong elastic face enclosure, but are soft and comfortable enough for extended wear. They are extremely durable, adjustable to fit all sizes, they are ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and food processing facilities.

  • Sizes: One size fits all.
  • Material: Poly-coated polypropylene fabric.
  • Colors: White
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