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Textured Gloves

When determining which pair of disposable gloves is best suited for your needs, be sure to consider the gloves’ texture. All textured gloves can be divided into smooth, micro-roughened, or aggressively textured categories. These options are each ideal for different tasks. Choosing the right texture for the job makes all the difference, and with CiboWares selection of quality disposable gloves, finding the perfect fit is a snap.


Perfect for food prep and other general tasks, smooth gloves do not have any roughness. They are commonly made from vinyl. Examples include our Paradigm or Verge gloves.


This texture is the most popular option and is usually found on latex or nitrile gloves. Micro-roughened gloves have surfaces that appear to have been lightly sanded, offering a better grip than smooth gloves and making them ideal for applications such as gripping tools during medical examinations.

Aggressively Textured

Aggressively textured gloves provide users with the most reliable grip and usually have extra thickness. These products may also be described as having a “diamond raised” texture and are ideal for higher-risk tasks as they offer the best protection against slippery tools and other objects. CiboWares’ quality textured gloves, such as Black Widow, Black Rhino, Atlantic, Grape Grip, and Verge, are sure to provide users with a confident grip. For washing dishes or performing other cleaning tasks, we recommend our powder-free Neptune gloves. With a honeycombed texture, they are ideal for gripping wet or slippery objects. We also offer C2 Hybrid gloves - these reliable products feature patented Diamond Sure Grip technology.

Still looking for the perfect pair of gloves? Our handy Disposable Gloves Buying Guide overviews the many styles, materials, and recommended uses of gloves offered by CiboWares.

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