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Start up the New School Year in Style with CiboWares’ Back to School Products

While students are completing their back to school shopping, schools are preparing for their arrival and stocking up on the necessary supplies. CiboWares has a wide variety of products available to suit any school’s needs. Our quality service and products are sure to make ordering back to school products for your educational institution a breeze.

Fun and Creative Products

Crayons are a must-have for any classroom so students can complete arts and crafts! Our crayons are available in red, yellow, blue, green, brown, and purple and come packaged in cello wrap, boxed, or in bulk. We have the classic round crayons, but our Honeycomb crayons are ideal for younger children as their hexagonal “no roll” design prevents crayons from rolling off the table.

Keep Things Clean

Hand soaps and sanitizers are a must for classrooms and restrooms at schools to keep hands clean and promote a sanitary environment. Lotion, liquid, and foam hand soap can be placed in dispensers to prevent sticky soap spills, and towels are available so students can dry their hands with ease. Hand sanitizers are also available in a variety of styles and can be placed in classrooms, offices, and other locations throughout the school for the convenience of students and staff.

Stock up on janitorial supplies with bath tissues. These tissues come in jumbo rolls to reduce time spent replacing tissues, making them an economical option. Jumbo Jr. tissue rolls are designed to fit in 9” Jumbo Jr. tissue dispensers.

Mildew removers and toilet bowl bathroom cleaners are a must for any school! These cleaners allow janitorial staff to simply spray stains and wipe away residue with ease to avoid scrubbing and scouring! Brooms and mops are another must-have for janitorial staff. Use lobby brooms and dust pans to collect debris from a variety of surfaces such as tiles, and use maxidust cotton cut-end dust mopheads for dust-control maintenance. Easy to launder, they are guaranteed to make cleaning a breeze. Promote safety by using "wet floor” caution signs after cleaning to prevent unfortunate slips or falls.

Cafeteria Must-Haves

Straw and napkin dispenser are a must-have for any cafeteria so students can sip beverages and enjoy messy lunches. These dispensers make it easy for students to simply grab their dining supplies and go!

Condiments are another must for cafeterias serving up lunch specials.

Take your cafeteria in a new direction by serving up nachos and salads on our selection of bamboo and sugarcane tableware! Eco wood and bamboo cutlery is also available.

Looking for non-eco-friendly options? Use our selection of polypropylene and polystyrene cutlery and cutlery kits. Cutlery kits can contain different combinations of forks, knives, sporks, soup spoons, tea spoons, napkins, straws, and salt and pepper packets. They are a great way for students to receive all the supplies they need to enjoy their lunch.

CiboWares is proud to serve a wide variety of businesses and has products available to suit any location’s needs.

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