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Serve up Meals in Style With CiboWares Wood Products

For restaurants, catering services, and other establishments looking to go eco-friendly, we recommend our selection of wood products. Not only are many of them completely biodegradable, they are also trendy, elegant, and sure to get customers talking. Keep reading to learn more about the various high-quality wood products offered by CiboWares.

Choose High-Quality Cutlery

Disposable cutlery is required by many catering services, food trucks, or any restaurant that offers takeout options. But why make your guests struggle with flimsy plastic forks when you could impress them with CiboWares’ wooden flatware? Extremely durable and sturdy, these knives, forks, and spoons can be used to enjoy even the heaviest foods. They are also heat-resistant and will never splinter or break. Dig into everything from ice cream to steak with these quality wood products.

Stir Up Beverages

Serve hot coffee or tea guilt-free with our eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable wooden stirrers. Durable and splinter free, they are perfect for stirring milk, cream, sugar, or other delicious additions into hot beverages. They can also be used in cold drinks - try using one to stir sugar or lemon juice into iced tea.

Get Creative With Skewers

Stronger and better for the environment than plastic skewers, CiboWares’ wood skewers have a variety of uses. They feature a pointed edge, allowing them to easily pierce through fruits, vegetables, bread, or desserts. Serving up shish kabobs? Soak a skewer in water, load it with chicken, bell peppers, or other toppings, and place your creation on a barbeque or grill for a delicious summer treat.

Alternatively, use our Thick Wood Skewers! Even more durable, these products feature a rounded body and are perfect for use with heavier food items like candy apples. Both options are biodegradable, eco-friendly choices that can easily add a natural look to any recipe.

Frills, Flags & Fireworks

Make your customers smile by adding a little creativity to dishes! Cibowares offers a variety of fun wood picks to improve the presentation of sandwiches, desserts, or other food items.

Celebrating a holiday? Whether it’s Christmastime or the Fourth of July, we’ve got you covered. Our Club Frill, Foil Fireworks, or Mega Frills party picks feature a variety of colors and are both durable and festive. Available in red, green, yellow, and blue, these playful picks are perfect for any party or celebration.

For Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Fourth of July barbeques, present burgers or cupcakes with our American Flag Picks. We also offer flag picks for other countries - our Italian and Mexican designs are perfect for restaurants serving authentic pastas or enchiladas.

From picks to skewers to cutlery, CiboWares’ wood products are a durable, eco-friendly choice that is sure to get everyone talking. Looking for a specific product? Read our Food and Drink Pick, Skewer, Stirrer, or Disposable Utensils Buying Guides to learn more.

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