Person wearing poly gloves and holding a burgerPerson wearing poly gloves and holding a burger

Polycast vs Poly Embossed Gloves

Polycast disposable gloves are made from cast polyethylene. These gloves offer a tighter-fitting texture and are ideal for both wet and dry applications. They are also latex-free and 100% safe for use with food items. CiboWares offers a variety of polycast textured powder-free gloves.

Poly embossed gloves feature a pattern on the outside that creates a textured surface. This allows users to confidently grip items and complete tasks with ease. Our Foodguard, Revolution, and polycast gloves are all great examples. With our wide selection of quality foodservice, latex, vinyl, nitrile, and C2 Hybrid gloves, finding the perfect pair of disposable gloves for your needs is a snap. Be sure to read our Gloves Buying Guide to learn more.

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