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Keep Kitchens Organized with Labels and Dispensers

There’s nothing worse than a disorganized kitchen, especially in busy restaurants or food service businesses. Being disorganized could mean misplacing items such as gloves, or serving up food items that are past their due dates and putting customers at risk of illness. Keep kitchens safe, organized, and ready for service with the help of labels and dispensers.

Convenient and Easy to Use Labels

Labels are designed to denote when food items should be used by, which should be used first, and to help organize kitchens. They are ideal for use by kitchen staff to identify the contents of food storage boxes.

Dissolvable, permanent, and removable label styles are available to suit kitchen preferences, and labels for each day of the week are also available.

Product labels allow users to denote the product, date the product was packaged or stored, and when it must be used by. Large “Use First” labels are another colorful, visible, and convenient option to keep food items organized.

DissolveMark labels are available in specific day styles and can be used with both plastic and stainless steel surfaces.

Many of our labels are colorful to allow for easy visibility, and have blank spaces to allow employees to write notes regarding dates or other information. Removable or dissolvable labels are preferable for locations that may wish to remove labels regularly as removable labels simply come off, and dissolvable labels can be easily rinsed under hot water to be removed. Permanent labels help to stand up to heat or wet environments and are preferable for locations that may not require labels to be constantly removed.

Easy Label Dispensing

Efficiency in the kitchen is a must-have and no one wants to spend all day meticulously sticking labels on containers. Label guns allow for the easy marking of food items and can also be referred to as “date coders.” They are perfect for keeping track of large amounts of food items and can print one line of information.

Keep labels organized with 7 Slot Dispensers. Able to hold a variety of labels, they are ideal for holding day of the week labels and keeping them organized and within reach. They can be placed on counters or mounted on the wall to facilitate the needs of any kitchen.

7 Day label kits are another wonderful label dispensing option. Not only do they include labels for the days of the week and a dispenser for easy application, but they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen for maximum convenience. Some of these labels have french or spanish print to accommodate multilingual kitchens, and are available with either permanent, removable or dissolvable labels.

Other Dispensing Essentials

Gloves are an absolute must-have in any kitchen to ensure user and customer safety. CiboWares’ wire glove dispensers can be mounted on walls to prevent contamination and can accommodate a wide variety of glove boxes. Their grab and go design helps to reduce time spent trying to remove gloves from large boxes, or concerns regarding glove cleanliness and sanitation.

Chef hats and hair restraints are another essential item for food service locations to ensure cleanliness. Acrylic dispensers can dispense hairnets, bouffants, and beard covers with ease and have a hinged lid for easy refilling. Need a dispenser just for hairnets? Hairnet dispensers are a wonderful option and also have a hinged lid for easy refilling. All of these dispensers are clear to allow for the easy identification of contents and can be wall mounted or placed on tables or countertops.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t leave dispensers and valuable food service safety products scattered around the kitchen! Designate a specific area to dispensers and essential safety supplies such as labels, gloves, and hairnets to keep supplies organized and promote function in any kitchen.

Given that many of these products can be wall mounted, they are perfect for saving space and should also be placed in a designated area. Though many of our products are transparent to allow for the easy identification of contents, using labels to denote different glove or hair protection types is another great idea to make choosing the right protective gear easy for employees.

Make a task force to check on food labels and ensure that any food that is expired is thrown away. Always ensure that someone is checking pantries and fridges to ensure food safety and to promote cleanliness and efficiency in your establishment’s kitchen.

Keeping kitchens organized is key to ensuring customer safety and making your establishment a success. CiboWares has all the products needed to label food storage containers with ease for maximum convenience.


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