Food and Security Labels

Put An End To Wasted Product, Spoilage & Contamination

CiboWares Food Labels cover information from product and day-of-the-week, to use by and shelf life, and more! The labels are designed to help prevent spoilage and wasted product which saves both time and money, making them an essential item for any kitchen.
With over 1/4 of delivery drivers admitting to taking a bite, ensure your food arrives intact with Security Seals.

Food and Takeout Labels

Keep Your Food Organized and Secure With Labels


Security Seals: 
Over 1/4 of delivery drivers admitted to taking a bite of a meal they were delivering. Ensure your food arrives intact with Security Seals.


Food Rotation Labels: 
Labels are ideal for keeping track of expiration dates and keeping kitchens organized. Using these labels helps reduce waste and spoilage, making them a must-have convenience item for any restaurant, bar, or foodservice establishment.