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How to Prepare the Perfect Wine Tasting Event

From pinot grigios to pinot noirs, having a great wine menu is essential in offering your customers a quality experience at your establishment. To help attract new customers - and to show existing customers what your establishment has to offer - host a wine tasting event! Offer a variety of wines and appetizers to drum up business and excitement for your establishment.


First things first, you’re going to need an expert to help! Ask your wine salesperson to help book a sommelier who can help you pick out wine selections for the event and plan complimentary dishes.

When you have your beverage and dish menu planned and printed, use menu card stands to display them at tables for customers convenience, and enhance the look of tables.


Ask servers to mention the event to customers after their meal and put up flyers in your local area or restaurant window to get the word out about your event! If your establishment uses social media, make sure to advertise, advertise, advertise!

Black/white reversible write on boards are another great way to advertise your event as they can be placed outside your restaurant. Mention the time and date of the event and highlight some of the wine and dish samples available to attract customers’ attention! Be sure to draw a stylish wine bottle or glass to give your sign some added flair and color.


You can’t serve up wine samples without quality glasses! Stock up on CiboWares selection of wine taster glasses to give wine samples an elegant and stylish look. Or, for a great disposable option, use Institutional wine glasses!

Disposable wine glasses help prevent glass wine glasses from breaking during service, causing unwanted distractions and costing your establishment valuable money. They also help to reduce cleanup time after the event.

Set The Mood

Use banquet rolls to protect tables against leaks or spills and promote an elegant and clean look. Beverage and dinner napkins are another great way to add some color and a classic look to table settings. Use doilies to protect tabletops from condensation from glasses, and use our selection of solid color black and white placemats to promote a sanitary dining experience.

You might also consider wine accessories to help display your bottles. Keep your wine chilled with narrow pipe wine bucket stands to give wine bottles a stylish and unique presentation, or use decanters to allow your selections to breath. Our decanters’ clear design also allows deep red or gorgeous white wines to stand out to create a nice presentation.

Elegant Snacks and Bites

No wine tasting would be complete without complimentary snacks and bites!

Serve up fruit and cheese trays with our selection of platters. For small appetizers such as bacon wrapped scallops and bite-sized desserts, our selection of cocktail picks will keep hands clean and add some flair to your presentation.

Use our selection of durable palm leaf, bamboo leaf or sugarcane cocktail plates to serve up small plates with ease, and promote a stylish and eco-friendly feel.

Wine tastings are a classy and elegant way to show potential customers what your establishment has to offer, and CiboWares has all the products you need to make it a success!


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