fresh apples in clear plastic food storage bags

High Density vs. Low Density Bags

CiboWares has a variety of high and low density food storage bags available to suit any restaurant or food service location’s needs. From deli sandwiches to herbs and candies, these multifunctional bags are sure to impress. But is there a difference between high and low density bags? Which density is best for holding food items or carrying out certain tasks? 


Our plain food storage bags and flip top sandwich bags are available in both high and low density polyethylene, and our deli saddle bags and regular saddles bags are made of polypropylene. While these styles are all highly durable and functional, there are some notable differences.

Low Density Polyethylene Bags


Store fruit and vegetables with ease with these quality bags. Not quite as durable as high density polyethylene bags, items stored in these stylish bags will need to be refrigerated or frozen to stay fresh and ready to serve over longer periods of time. Made from clear plastic, they allow for quick and easy identification of food items. To allow for maximum functionality, their low melting point makes them the ideal choice for use with heat sealing.

High Density Polyethylene Bags

Lightweight and mainly transparent, these bags are perfect for storing and serving food. Their transparency allows for the easy identification of items for quick service, and they are ideal for use at takeout locations or convenience stores to store everything from vegetables and meat to nuts and cheese. Resistant to water and vapor, they have a breathable design and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures for maximum convenience.

Polypropylene Bags

Deli saddle bags, printed deli saddle bags, and regular saddle bags are available in low and high density polypropylene styles. Featuring a non-breathable design, polypropylene bags are perfect for storing sweet candies, fresh herbs, or other confectionaries and are designed to give items a longer shelf life while preserving quality. Retail locations such as convenience stores, bakeries, and even hotels and concession stands will appreciate being able to preserve food items longer to cut back on waste, and their high melting point makes them another ideal choice for heat sealing.

Looking for more quality disposable bags to suit your restaurant or food service location? Be sure to check out our selection of durable and functional disposable bags, and our Disposable Bags Buying Guide for more information!


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